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Last night, the WWE brought SummerSlam to audiences and even though not everyone was pleased with everything in the four-hour telecast, there were definitely a couple of weird and wild occurrences that kept audiences screaming. And one of those moments involved former Daily Show host Jon Stewart making a heel turn by using a chair to disrupt John Cena’s chance to win the WWE Heavyweight belt. WTF? Check that particular moment out below.

Are you kidding me? The WWE is no stranger to random pop culture tie-ins, which is why Jon Stewart hosting the event wasn’t altogether strange in and of itself. But while we got used to seeing former wrestler Jesse Ventura turn to a life of politics, we don’t often get former political-minded folks breaking out the folding chairs inside the ring.

And not only was it weird from a “did a Death to Smoochy star just hit John Cena with a chair?” angle, but it was also a surprise within the “storyline” that preceded the match. Earlier this year, Stewart and Cena’s opponent Seth Rollins had a feud going that included Stewart making a surprise appearance on Raw and kicking Rollins in his private parts. So everyone kind of expected there to be some bad blood between the duo at the pay-per-view, yet Stewart totally douched out in a move that made some fans go wide-eyed, but presumably not as wide-eyed as The Undertaker’s frightening look later in the night.

Cena had a shot at tying the legendary Ric Flair’s record of winning the World Heavyweight belt 16 times, an attempt that was rudely interrupted by Stewart’s cheating. To be fair, it was a moment that wasn’t a giant surprise when it happened, as Stewart entered the ring with the chair 15-20 seconds before that and just kind of stood around not hitting anyone with it. Had Rollins been his intended target, he certainly would have just nailed him right away, but Stewart had to wait until Cena stood up in order to deliver the gut-shot. Still, his acting was better than a good percentage of the WWE’s current stable.

Speaking of acting in the ring, this weekend also saw the official WWE debut of Arrow star Stephen Amell facing off in a tag team match against his foe Stardust. Needless to say, he was a little more high-flying than Stewart.

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