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Donald Trump and his republican presidential candidacy may have been front and center during last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, but that does not mean that the sketch comedy show was unable to have some fun with the left as well. The episode’s cold open took shots at all of the democratic candidates – including the welcome return of Larry David as Bernie Sanders. Check the video out below and see for yourself:

Much of David’s appearance played out like it did last time. Entering without any semblance of fanfare, he walks out on stage to be questioned by Cecily Strong – who herself does an amazing Rachel Maddow impression. As good as Strong is, she pales in comparison to David, who is uncanny as Bernie. His impression – aided by his physically similar appearance and voice – mocks every aspect of the candidate’s austere, no-frills campaign.

He talks about investing in infrastructure to fix our crumbling bridges and tunnels, which he no longer trusts. He then moves on to the issue of campaign finance reform, scolding the other candidates for taking big contributions from donators like the Koch brothers. This version of Bernie Sanders does not have time for donations of that nature, he only wants your old rusty and gum covered pennies to finance his run for the presidency.

Despite the humor of the sketch, it actually mirrored much of Sanders’ real campaign platforms – albeit in exaggerated ways. Sanders does indeed support investing in infrastructure with revenue generated from tax dollars, as well as campaign finance reform. It could easily be argued that bringing Larry David in to impersonate Bernie Sanders is one of the smartest decisions that SNL has made in recent memory. In terms of accuracy and comedic value it easily rivals even Tina Fey’s now legendary portrayal of Sarah Palin during the 2008 election season. While the other democratic candidates were lampooned during the sketch, David easily stole the show – even being given the honor of announcing the show’s traditional “live from New York it’s Saturday Night,” although in typical Bernie Sanders fashion, he doesn’t get too enthusiastic about it.

Regardless of your political stance, do yourself a favor and check out the sketch above. Politics can grow terribly tiresome at times, but with someone like Larry David there to mock it at every turn, at least we know we will get some great entertainment out of the process.