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Jonah Hill returned to Saturday Night Live to host the sketch comedy series for the third time. Hot off another Oscar nomination, Hill was keen to talk himself up a bit during the opening monologue, but Leonardo DiCaprio was quick to intervene and remind his Wolf of Wall Street co-star to be humble.

This was actually one of a couple surprise cameos. In addition to DiCaprio's drop-in, we also saw Hill's Superbad co-star Michael Cera pop up in the Her parody. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like NBC's put that one online yet (UPDATE: Watch it here!). But in the meantime, here are a couple of other highlights from the episode:

Hill reprised the loud 6-year-old Adam Grossman for another Beninaha sketch…

And he got called out during a game show for clogging the toilet…

And then there was a new sketch featuring some of the newer SNL players, this time showcasing the chill awesomeness of SoCal…

And the ep closed out with one of the former-porn-star sketches featuring Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong…

Finally, off the subject of Hill, I thought Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong were especially funny during last night's "Weekend Update." A lot of Bieber jokes and a really funny Scottish accent from Strong (and an admirable attempt to mimic it from Meyers).

Meyers will depart Saturday Night Live next month to host his own late night talk show. As announced this week, SNL writer Colin Jost will take over for Meyers, joining Strong at the news desk.

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