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Jonah Hill's Saturday Night Live Promos Are Actually Charming

Jonah Hill is a really easy target, as a seemingly insecure person that also has an intense drive to prove himself while still being unsure about the position he’s found himself in. He’s a little bit try too hard, a little eager to please (one need only see how much money he made for his work on Wolf of Wall Street to understand that). So we’re not really all that surprised that his run of Saturday Night Live promos end with him apologizing profusely for something as inconsequential as a bit of Sharpie on the tongue of Taran Killam. Looks like this Saturday’s rendition of the longstanding NBC sketch comedy series is going to be rife for the nitpicking. Oh, Jonah, Jonah, Jonah.

The Wolf of Wall Street actor will tackle hosting duties for the third time on the series, with musical guest Bastille making their SNL debut, ensuring you at least seventy-two more hours of chanting “day da do dey-ah, day da do dey-ah” and pretending that you’re a statue watching the world of Pompeii fall down around you. (Bonus points if you mash-up your Pompeii references and imagine yourself clutching Jon Snow while the world ends — unless that’s just an “us” thing.)

Ever the reactionary, Hill is thrown into a literal hat trick in the promos, getting clobbered with actual hats alongside Killam — because a hat-trick (something I just had to google because sports are hard) is a sports term for a positive achievement done three consecutive times. It's surprisingly endearing to watch him get clobbered with hats — but maybe that's just because everyone's probably wanted to throw something at Jonah Hill at one time or another.

A few more cute moments liter the promo, including Hill’s cute little ode to his charm bracelet which is — I apologize in advance for this — actually pretty charming. Between the corgi and “a key from Ibiza” (using the always funny “correct” pronunciation of the island), we found ourselves giggling a time or two. The duo also get down to swearing protocol, causing Hill to “get it all out” now (those Scorsese instincts are hard to curb, it seems), and a nice little signature on the tongue of Killam, big fan of Wolf of Wall Street.

It’s an exciting time for Hill, who’s riding high on his Oscar nomination for his role in the Martin Scorsese film, as well as preparing for the release of the highly anticipated sequel to 21 Jump Street, the appropriately titled 22 Jump Street. with Channing Tatum. So, basically, don’t expect Hill to be going away any time soon. In fact, with that in mind, if someone wants to drop off a few affirmation books or inspirational quotes his way, it might be helpful. Buff up his confidence or something. He needs it.

Saturday Night Live with host Jonah Hill and musical guest Bastille airs this Saturday, January 25th, at 11:35PM on NBC. Please watch this video below to hear about the time Hill got mocked by Glee’s Matthew Morrison. Because nothing’s funnier than an actor in a Scorsese film getting mocked by someone from Glee.