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Comedian Louis CK returned to host Saturday Night Live and once again used the opening monologue as an opportunity for some great stand-up comedy. Next time you find yourself saying "I'm starving" or referring to a specific style of shirt as a "wife beater," go ahead and imagine Louis CK being offended. Did the comedian's appearance last night top his first run on the show? I'm not so sure, but there were some memorable sketches, including the "Black Jeopardy" sketch, which featured Keenan Thompson, Jay Pharaoh and Sasheer Zamata, along with Louis CK, whose character wasn't very good at the game...

And ok, I realize that Baby Boss is silly but it aims for that and it hits the mark. Showing how weird it would be for a grownup to do the things babies regularly do -- in a work environment -- is bizarrely funny to me, thanks in large part to Beck Bennett going above and beyond with the gag. (Though I think I preferred last Fall's SNL sketch a bit better)...

And then there's the "Cop Show" sketch, featuring "Dyke & Fats," but um, don't call them that.

No! No!

That's Dutch Plains (Kate McKinnon) as Officer Les Dykawitz and Velvy O'Malley (Aidy Bryant) as Officer Chubbina Fatzarelli.

I want to see Good Cop, Jive Cop. And digital sketches of pretty much anything else that airs on that channel, SNL.

Finally, ok this one was goofy but it kind of worked...

I think it sort of reminded me of the Louie episode where Ricky Gervais appeared as Louis' doctor. Speaking of which, if you're a Louis CK fan, his FX comedy is due to return May 5.

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