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Watch Nick Offerman And Will Ferrell Appear On The Voice For Red Nose Day

Anything done in the name of charity is a good thing, right? (Exceptions include punching babies and blowing up beer kegs.) For this year’s Red Nose Day, which has already given us Indiana Kendrick, comedians Nick Offerman and Will Ferrell have come together to see which actor is better at appealing to crowds for charitable donations. Where are they doing it? On NBC’s The Voice. Check it out!

That’s a pretty great clip, and it shines a light on something I hadn’t really thought about too much before: that Nick Offerman’s verbal candor doesn’t often seem to allow for him to sound like he’s genuinely happy or capable of begging. Meanwhile, Farrell has been consistently over the top for decades, and is capable of sounding however he wants. These are indeed the two perfect actors to compete in this clip.

And while it’s a hoot to watch “the original Pharell” Will Ferrell try to out-emotion Offerman, complete with eyedropped tears, the best part is obviously the advisory training montage with Jeff Goldblum, who gives Offerman tips and tricks on how to sound more sympathetic to the cause. As well as how to beat his chest, because why not? (“Unique New York” used to be my favorite tongue twister as a kid.) How have these guys not played co-leads in every movie together?


I daresay that having Offerman, Goldblum and Ferrell on The Voice’s finale the other night might have helped out in the ratings department, although the show did feature a slew of music stars that apparently didn’t assist in drawing more viewers. Maybe this is why I’m not part of The Voice’s creative team.

Red Nose Day is a campaign with a purpose of raising money to help aid children living in poverty, through the use of laughter. (Think Comic Relief.) The special will feature a slew of special guests performing sketches, with lots of videos being aired like the one above. And like all good charities, there is also a danceathon involved with this one that you can watch on the website.

While The Voice won’t be back for a few months, you can find NBC’s live three-hour Red Nose Day special starting tonight, May 21, at 8 p.m. ET. Have your wallets out and ready. Do it for Nick and Will, won’t you?

Nick Venable

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