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Watch A Reporter Get Licked On Live TV

Most TV reporters who go out into the field understand that sometimes they will have to deal with difficult interviews. However, what doesn’t often get addressed are the weirdos, good-natured oddballs and sometimes difficult people who pop up in the background of live TV segments when a reporter is just trying to get out the facts. A video recently surfaced of a reporter at KOIN in Oregon who actually got licked while he was reporting the news and it has started to go viral. You can check out the clip, below.

While I can sort-of see why people who attempt silly shenanigans in the back of broadcasts without physically interrupting said broadcast might get into those activities, going up to an anchor and licking him is a little beyond what is typically deemed appropriate. In the video, KOIN’s Tim Becker was out on the streets reporting on a legal marijuana bill that was being passed in Portland at the time. Luckily, he doesn’t seem too upset about getting licked by the young lady, smiling in an amused manner before resuming the rest of his important broadcast.

In case you don’t want to watch the whole clip to catch the fiendish female in action, you can head to the 10-second mark, or just check out the gif we made, below.


Reporters have to deal with shenanigans of this ilk all of the time. Luckily, most of the time these behind-the-anchor moments are goofy and not violent or really aggressive toward the news anchor, although occasionally on-camera reporters have had to deal with violence and other inappropriate behavior while at work. It’s one of the hazards of taking a job that forces you out onto the street and into the limelight, where any member of the public has fairly easy access to you (and the camera).

Clearly, getting licked is more goofy and weird then dangerous, but in the last twelve months we’ve brought you stories of women getting heckled while reporting at sports events, news crews getting robbed, and even one memorable incident when a woman put out her cigarette on a reporter’s face. The latter incident resulted in the woman who put out the cigarette getting arrested for public nuisance. It’s a hazardous job, working in the news.

Clearly, the incident occurred a while ago, but we’re happy it’s now making the rounds again, as seeing someone get licked during a live broadcast is something everyone should be privy to at least once. If only to make certain that everyone realizes it’s not the world’s best idea.

Jessica Rawden
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