TV Reporter Confronts Guys Who Purposely Swore On Camera

A news reporter recently went rogue while conducting an interview outside of Sunday’s Toronto FC game. A man looking to gain his 15 seconds of fame, snuck into the shot and said some vulgar things to reporter Shauna Hunt. Here’s what she had to say to the men live on camera. Check it out.

In the video, Hunt tracks down a bunch of seemingly inebriated gentlemen who are all standing around like middle schoolers watching their friend run up to the camera and scream obscenities at the on-air reporter. She confronts them for their bad behavior, noting that the phrase “fuck her right in the pussy” is both overdone and offensive, but interestingly, they all brazenly stand by their behavior. One guy even says the following:

You're lucky there's not a fucking vibrator in your ear like in England because it happens all the time.

Hunt told the Toronto Sun that for some time now, a prank has been rolling across North America where dudes will yell “fuck her right in the pussy” while the news is taping. It’s a hazard of the job for people to yell things in the background of her camera shots, but she says she’s been dealing with that particularly offensive phrase for a while and it was time to take a stand.

I'm not really sure the reporter going after these guys, who are probably drunk, could possibly solve anything, but I would imagine it's something every reporter has wanted to do at some point or another. She's just a professional trying to do her job, after all. She's not trying to cause any trouble or asking to be treated in a rude way, but these man on the street-type interviews have a long history of being sidetracked and ruined by loudmouths who just want their fifteen seconds of fame on the news.

I would guess it’s the phrase that is being hollered at her that is particularly disturbing. It’s one thing when a showoff tries to hop a fence behind a reporter as a way to goof off with their friends or hop into the camera to wave at their family at home. It’s quite another for someone to interrupt an interview to holler obscenities at the reporter, especially when those obscenities relate to her body. It’s no wonder this reporter finally got frustrated enough to say something, even if her words fell on seemingly deaf ears.

The report indicates that one of the men involved with the interaction, Shawn Simoes, has since been fired from his job. The internet is a big place, but actions like these have a way of changing lives, sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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