Watch SNL's Hysterical Fake Super Bowl Commercial For Women

Saturday Night Live has put together fake commercials that air as part of the late night sketch series for quite some time. With Super Bowl XLIX airing this weekend, SNL took a shot at the big game as well as Super Bowl commercials with a goofy Totino’s Pizza Rolls commercial meant to help women out during the game. Check it out below.

In the video, Vanessa Bayer plays the dutiful wife of this week’s guest host J.K. Simmons (who is sporting a pretty fab wig in the sketch). Simmons is hanging out with his boys to watch Super Bowl XLIX, but sitting on a couch and watching a football game can really work up one’s appetite, and Bayer’s character is all about the wifely duties. She just loves making her husband and his friends Totino’s pizza, but after the pizza is made, she is not particularly excited about sitting down and watching the game. Luckily, good ‘ol Totinos has come to her rescue, producing the “Totino’s Super Bowl Activity Pack” for women.


The pink packaged toy set is pretty ridiculous, coming with “fun little puzzles and games.” Those fun little puzzles and games include a couple of crayons, some jacks, and a bunch of those cheap little plastic games you can buy at Target for less than a dollar. You know the type—the cheap little toys you can win at arcades or that kids bring home in droves from birthday parties. They are all brain-numbing activities that she can drop as soon as her husband and friends require more pizza rolls. And when her activity pack runs out, her husband even bought her another! I love how the sketch pokes fun at Totino's commercials and the idea that the women live to feed their men (and in some cases, their kids).

J.K. Simmons was actually on a bit of a roll during his SNL debut last night. The Whiplash actor and recent Golden Globe winner also put together a pretty hysterical sketch giving audiences an alternative ending to the hit 1942 classic film Casablanca. Additionally, there was more than one football-oriented sketch, and you can check out more from the episode here and here.

Simmons’ episode is part of Saturday Night Live’s 40th season. Beyond having some excellent guest stars, including Simmons, Chris Pratt, Cameron Diaz and Chris Pratt this season, NBC has also planned a 40th Anniversary special that will hit the schedule on February 15. Some big names are already involved, including Eddie Murphy, who will pop up on an SNL-related program in over 30 years. The big 4-O is shaping up to be a big one for Saturday Night Live and we’re happy Simmons could be a part of it.

Jessica Rawden
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