Watch Saturday Night Live Explain How To Immediately End All Thanksgiving Arguments

Most human beings are able to come to some kind of understanding with their parents. They probably don’t share all of the same beliefs, but they can co-exist in a room without arguing, usually by avoiding controversial topics. When it comes to extended family members, however, damn near every person on this planet walks on egg shells, just waiting for someone to say the wrong thing. Thankfully, Saturday Night Live has finally figured out how to diffuse the tension. Check it out…

You know what makes everything in the world better? Adele. Her songs are modern and aggressive enough to please younger family members and yet they’re universal and straightforward enough to appeal to older people. It’s really the perfect balance. Her music is uniquely suited to please everyone, which is probably why she gets great reviews, sells millions of copies and apparently, will be bailing tons of people out of stressful arguments this coming Thursday on Thanksgiving.

In a funny way, this sketch highlights what Saturday Night Live has always been able to do best. The show has always been able to come up with really bizarre ideas that are oddly insightful and then crank those ideas up as much as possible for comedic effect. So, here, the basic idea is that Thanksgiving conversations can go South quickly because most people have absolutely nothing in common with their relatives. So, we look for anything, the smallest little bit of common ground and try to stay there as long as possible in order to prevent more fights. And right now, there’s almost nothing the world collectively agrees on more than Adele.

As for the rest of the Saturday Night Live episode, it was hosted by Matthew McConaughey and featured a wide range of other funny moments, probably highlighted most by leaked Star Wars audition tapes that brought in a slew of random celebrities including Jon Hamm, Emma Stone and a few members of the actual cast. You can check it out below…

Saturday Night Live airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 EST on NBC. Adele, meanwhile, is about to sell an estimated 2.5 million copies of her new album 25.

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