Watch Seth MacFarlane Crash A UCLA Class For mtvU's Stand In

Earlier this month, we learned that Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane crashed a class at UCLA to talk about his work for an episode of mtvU's Stand In. The episode is set to air next week, and we now have a preview for MacFarlane's appearance, which has him doing the voice of one of his most popular characters

We know at some point, he spoke about plans for a Family Guy movie. Whether or not that makes it into the episode remains to be seen. In the meantime, the preview below (via EW) shows MacFarlane talking about his appearance and eventually speaking to the UCLA "Overview of Contemporary Film Industry" class about the work he does, which includes Family Guy and the live-action comedy Ted.

I love (love) when Seth MacFarlane does the Stewie voice. I don't know why, but I think it's actually funnier to hear that baby's snobby voice come out of MacFarlane's mouth than it is to hear MacFarlane's voice coming from an animated baby's mouth… if that makes any sense.

MacFarlane's episode of Stand In will air on mtvU and on Monday, December 10, just one day ahead of the official DVD/Blu-ray release of Ted. No idea if that was intentional or not, but watching the director talk about his work may serve as a nice reminder to pick up a copy of one of this year's funniest movies. The digital copy is actually already available for purchase (opens in new tab).

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