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Saturday Night Live has gotten quite good at putting together promotions featuring a cast member and upcoming hosts. Seth Rogen’s on the docket for next week’s episode, and in his brand new promo, he and Aidy Bryant goof off and make some clever quips about improvisation and Bryant’s promotional debut. At the heart of the promo is the bulk of information fans will need. Rogen is hosting the April 12 episode and the musical guest will be Ed Sheeran. However, if you don’t give the video a watch, you are missing out on some extremely excellent and awkward humor.

My favorite part of the video is the portion when Bryant tries to give Rogen advice about not being nervous while filming one of the promos. Rogen’s actually a sort-of veteran of SNL, having hosted once in 2007 and a second time in 2009. He’s also pretty savvy and he soon realizes this is Bryant’s first time in the promotional hot seat. He tells Bryant that there’s nothing to sweat as long as she doesn’t swear, but she manages to break that restriction almost immediately. The two also manage to simultaneously promote Seth Rogen’s new movie, Neighbors, while poking fun at Zac Efron.

I actually find it pretty interesting that Rogen will be hosting this weekend, as his stint will land just one week after his 50/50 co-star, Anna Kendrick, took the stage for the first time. If we just had a return visit from Joseph Gordon-Levitt coming up, we would have a perfect trifecta going on. Something tells me that Rogen’s guest stint will be very different than Kendrick’s, which included sketches like a Little Mermaid parody and one called “Dongs All Over the World.”

I really like Seth Rogen. Because I'm a fan, it would be great to see him have a memorable sketch this time around, as my only current correlation between the comedic actor and the late night sketch comedy series is Bobby Moynihan’s hilarious impression from the 50 Shades of Grey audition sketch. This happily is still available to watch, so if you need something to tide you over until Rogen hits the SNL stage, I suggest you get on it right now.

New episodes of Saturday Night Live air on NBC on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET.

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