Video contains adult language that may not be safe for work or appropriate for younger audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.

The internet is good for many things, among them, getting to see local news bloopers from all over the world. Because anything can happen on live TV and the internet has given us a place to share what would otherwise only be available on local television. The above video compiles the many TV news bloopers that took place over the last year. Stacked together, it’s about fifteen minutes worth of unexpected slip-ups and mishaps, some funny, some just plain cringe-worthy. The editing is great though, as it really does pack in as many moments as possible, even if it’s just the sight of a reporter staring at the camera, not realizing they’re on the air.

We all fall on our faces at one point or another in life. It seems only fair to admit that I’ve taken some pretty acrobatic stumbles in both the figurative and literal sense over the course of my lifetime. So my heart goes out to each and every reporter whose stumble— be it literal or figurative — was captured on live television. Though I think the best segments are the ones where the reporter or anchor actually laughs at their own slip-up.

It isn’t all accidental swearing and word misfires though. In some cases, the video -- which comes courtesy of eBaumsWorld -- includes reporters being tackled, kissed or simply harassed by passersby while doing a live news report somewhere public. In one case, a reporter is actually groped by a baboon, which I suppose can happen in baboon-populated places. And then there’s the segment featuring A.J. Clemente, who made headlines earlier this year by dropping an F-bomb on air during his first news broadcast at a North Dakota news station.

Also featured is Cleveland hero Charles Ramsey, whose news interview about his involvement in the rescue of three kidnapped women went viral and later received the Schmoyoho auto tune treatment with a song titled “Dead Giveaway.”

The blooper video ends with a reporter uttering an expletive after watching his truck sink through some ice. I kind of wish I knew what was going on in that video that required the truck to be on the ice to begin with.

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