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By now, you probably realize that Stephen Colbert will be leaving Comedy Central very, very soon. He’s set to take over for David Letterman on the late night circuit, but he says he wants to leave The Colbert Report with an awesome exit. Check out the epic video looking at his plans for The Colbert Report’s final episode, below.

Last night’s episode of The Colbert Report was a milestone episode for Colbert, who explains that when he first was signed on to host the show on Comedy Central, it was for an 8-week tryout—or 32 episodes. He obviously went on to nab a full season order and has spent a whopping 10 seasons on the network in the time since. As of last night, however, Colbert had 32 episodes left to host his series and so he decided to celebrate the milestone event, noting, “Tonight we explore the most critical story of all—me.”

While most of Colbert’s last episodes will feature his usual bombastic onscreen presence and over-the-top interviewing tactics, he’s already planning ahead for The Colbert Report finale, which will definitely go out with a bang. Here’s some of the ideas Colbert has been tossing around.
“Of course my biggest question remains, how will my last broadcast close? Will I wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette in a snow globe after Rachel gets off a plane to be with me, while BJ Honeycutt writes out 'Goodbye' in rocks until we cut to black in the middle of a Journey song? Or will I get sued for copyright infringement? Tune in to find out.”

Colbert throws out a slew of humorous TV related references to explain his ideal vision for the finale. While he’s just joking around for now, we do expect the ender for The Colbert Report to be a fun and dynamic episode of the series that will sendoff Colbert in style.

Considering the next segment he jokingly introduces is a Chihuahua getting a neck massage, it’s a bit weird to think of him buttoning up a bit to head over to network television. He’ll have to leave his character-based personality behind and take a totally different approach in order to identify to the broader market that tunes in to watch late night talk shows on CBS. Obviously the network is confident that Colbert can deliver and we’ll see how he fares as soon as Letterman officially retires in 2015.

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