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TV hosts, contestants and even reporters have flubbed a lot of “how to” moments in the past. Most of the time, the moments are really funny, but occasionally they manifest into something that looks quite a bit more harrowing on the small screen. A TV personality who was learning to pole dance, for instance, recently found herself falling right on her head when she flubbed a move. Don’t worry, she laughs it off, but it looks totally nuts. Check it out, below.

On Friday, former Miss France winner Laury Thilleman was on the French program Anything Goes when she was instructed on how to pole dance for the competition. Usually basic dance moves can be attempted and sometimes even achieved with very little practice, but sadly it was just not Thilleman’s day on the pole. The woman hopped on easily enough, but then disaster struck when she didn’t achieve good balance. She ended up falling on her head, hard. I’m wondering if her jump suit didn’t help the matter, but I’m not a pole dancing expert. You can take a closer look yourself, below.


I honestly feel like the utter horror on the woman's face in the background totally mirrors my reaction completely. I seriously thought Laury Thilleman was going to need to be hospitalized for a hot second. Luckily, she starts laughing soon after and seems to be fine, although the pole certainly got the best of her on the night of the competition. It kind of gives me a new respect for the practice that strippers must put in to not look like idiots on the stage, as well.

This honestly reminds me of that time that Italian actress Lisa Fusco attempted to do the splits and absolutely messed it up. She ended up writhing on the floor for a bit as people watched on in disbelief. It was so uncomfortable to watch. I prefer my live TV flubs to be a whole lot sillier, as when a Good Day Utah reporter attempted to go skiing for the first time ever and lost his balance, also flubbing a high-five attempt. That sort of thing is all in good fun.

I’m sure there will be more viral TV moments that occur this year, but we’re just thankfull that the former Miss France winner and Miss Universe contestant didn’t end up injuring herself long term. Note to other shows: having celebrities pole dance is probably not the best idea ever.