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Tim Gunn, fashion guru and careful talker, was on George Lopez recently to promote Season 9 of Project Runway, which premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. That and to crack jokes about wearing suits in 110 degree weather to The Smurfs premiere, in which he appears. Lopez and Gunn seem pretty chummy, but the interview amps up when the topic turns to fashion.

Gunn says the biggest fashion faux pas for women is they show too much skin. Well, except in Hilary Clinton’s case, but whatever. There’s a million ways to show too much skin, but is it better to show skin Jersey Shore style or Desperate Housewives style? Just checking out a Jersey Shore cast photo puts the question to rest, but I won’t spoil the interview by throwing out Tim Gunn’s comments, except to mention his term “The Monkey House At The Zoo Theory.”

Check out the video, below. You’ll see the man never ceases to be professional. During Season 8 of Project Runway he even showed up at Andy’s family farm in expensive costuming—with knee high rubber boots to protect the bottom half—and the look still worked. During the Lopez interview, there are no flukes, and Gunn is in the finest of form.

Project Runway returns tonight at 9PM EST on Lifetime. If you miss it, don’t worry. They tend to repeat the footage now and again.