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Mad Men fans still have months and months and wait for their favorite AMC show to return to the air, but Breaking Bad fans are going to have much better summers. The network announced today on their blog that Breaking Bad will return on Sunday, July 17 at 10 p.m. Not only that, but they posted a teaser trailer for the entire season, featuring far more drama and gun-pointing than you'd ever get from Don Draper and company. Check out the trailer below.

At some point I will actually watch Breaking Bad as every single smart person I know has told me to do over the last few years, but in the meantime I'm stuck watching trailers like this and thinking only, "Huh. I guess I really should watch this show." Yell at me for my ignorance and discuss what we're looking at in the comments below; if you yell loud enough, maybe I'll have caught up by July 17.