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Watch Uncensored Clips Of Seth Rogen, Bill Hader And Others Roasting James Franco

Each year, Comedy Central takes one celebrated celebrity, puts them in a chair and lets their friends take verbal shots at them. For James Franco, the star of this year's Comedy Central Roast, the friends included Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill, Bill Hader and Sarah Silverman, and the jokes targeted his demonstrated interest in various art forms, his sexuality, which - by the tone of the jokes - seems to be in question for some people, his squinty eyes and for his awkward attempt at hosting the Oscars with Anne Hathaway a few years back. Franco took it all in stride, that goofy grin he's well known for plastered on his face as the jokes were slung in his direction and in the direction of the rest of the jokers on the dais. Because that's what Roasts are all about.

Comedy Central put some highlight videos up for our viewing pleasure. Be warned, these videos are uncensored and contain adult language. Viewer discretion is advised!

While Seth Rogen served as Roast Master (see video above), among the jokers to take the stage was another one of Franco's occasional co-stars, Jonah Hill…

You may have noticed there were a couple of gay jokes in some of the roasts. Aziz Ansari addressed that as part of his own set:

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Comedy Central has an uncensored clip from Aziz Ansari's set up just yet, but he had some good jokes.

And then we have Bill Hader, who decided to do his part of the Roast as the President of Hollywood, which is apparently an old guy in a track suit…

Sarah Silverman took some time out of her segment to poke fun at Natasha Leggero:

But Natasha had her own zingers to deliver, some of which went in the direction of Aziz Ansari…

And then we have Andy Samberg, who took a different approach at Roasting, often slinging his jokes straight back into his own face…

Finally, the man himself, James Franco takes the stage to offer a little payback…

All in all, I'd say the Roast went well. Franco may be well known for dabbling in the arts and surprising us with the variety of projects he gets involved with on the big and small screen, but all things considered, his controversial side probably pales by comparison to people like Charlie Sheen or Roseanne Barr, the last two celebrities to be Roasted. With that said, the comedians found enough material to give the guy a good ribbing.

Keep an eye out for more videos over at Comedy Central's website.

Kelly West
Kelly West

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