Bill Hader, Jonah Hill And Others Lined Up For Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco

Since we learned that James Franco would be the guest of honor at this summer's Comedy Central Roast, we've been left to wonder which celebrities would grace the dais for the event. With just weeks to go until the Roast is taped, Comedy Central has announced the all-star roster of Roasters who will join Roast Master Seth Rogen in a bit of friendly ribbing at the expense of (Academy Award nominated) actor James Franco. Among them are Jonah Hill, Bill Hader, Nick Kroll, Natasha Leggero, Jeff Ross and Sarah Silverman.

The Roast was originally set to tape on August 18 at Culver Studios, but in addition to announcing the comedians and actors set to be in attendance for Franco's Roast, Comedy Central announced that the taping has been rescheduled to Sunday, August 25, still at Culver Studios, "to accommodate the growing list of celebrity Roasters and attendees." I'm wondering if availability was an issue for some of the key players. Either way, they've certainly got some great names attached.

With Franco in the hot seat, Seth Rogen, Bill Hader and Jonah Hill are all faces we would hope to see in attendance at the Roast, as these comedic actors all have ties to one another from various projects. And then there are comedians Sarah Silverman and Jeff Ross, who know a thing or two about delivering zingers at Comedy Central's famed Roasts. Nick Kroll is also no stranger to Comedy Central, and he's one more great addition to this roster. From what I know about comedian Natasha Leggero, she's done red carpet interviews for at least one previous Roast for Comedy Central. Her credits also include The Sarah Silverman Program and The Burn with Jeff Ross, which links her to some of the other mentioned names for this Roast, not to mention the network. Assuming her mention in Comedy Central's announcement means she'll be among the Roasters, it sounds like we'll be getting to know her a bit better at this year's Roast.

Comedy Central says there will be additional roasters and talent set to attend The Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, and those will be announced in the near future. In the meantime, it looks like they have a really great roster lined up already. But with Franco in the hot seat, it's no surprise to see some of his funny friends and co-stars quick to join the event and take a few shots at him. After all, we already know Franco can take a punch.

The rescheduled taping date is a little disappointing, mainly because it could mean we'll have to wait a bit longer than we would have to see some clips from the event. But the Roast is still scheduled to air Labor Day, Monday, September 2 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on Comedy Central. Check out one of the recently released promos below.

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