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I've never totally gotten the appeal of the unboxing video-- wouldn't you rather have the toy or game than watch someone else open it on YouTube? But I make an exception for Vince Gilligan under pretty much all circumstances, and that includes this unboxing video for the full Breaking Bad box set, which hits shelves on November 26.

Yes, it comes in a giant barrel, which makes it basically impossible to store on your shelves and means you have to have it out for display for months (this is what's happened with my Lost box set, which looks like some terrifying and ancient artifact). But watch Vince Gilligan open up the barrel, play with the hidden images on the disc case and geek out over things like "rare earth magnets"-- how can you not want to own this thing after watching this? It costs $200 on Amazon, but that's why you start pestering your loved ones to make their Christmas lists early.

As much as I want to cook all my meals from now on while wearing a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, the coolest thing in the box set is probably the "Challenge Coin," which will be what separates the Breaking Bad fans willing to spend $200 from the total amateurs. According to Gilligan the challenge coin is an old military tradition, but we've seen it pop up on movie sets as well-- Eric was handed one by Jon Favreau himself on the set of Cowboys & Aliens in 2010. I'm not going to be the one to diminish Eric's legitimately cool experience on that set, but let's be real-- you'd rather have a Breaking Bad challenge coin than a Cowboys & Aliens one, right?

If this video makes you want to spend time with Vince Gilligan and his mustache even more than it makes you want to buy the box set, you can revisit his appearance on The Colbert Report immediately after the Breaking Bad finale. Maybe if we all conspire, we can lock Gilligan in our own basement and make him show off the bonus features for the rest of time. Or at least tell us what to expect on Better Call Saul.

The Colbert Report
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The Colbert Report
Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,Video Archive

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