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The 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival brought plenty of joy to festivalgoers in Nevada over the weekend, but for fans of the drama Breaking Bad, the best moment may have been during the band Above & Beyond’s set, when Walter White made an appearance. You can check out Bryan Cranston reprising his famous role, below.

Before the show, Above & Beyond band members Jono Grant and Paavo Siljamaki met Breaking Bad actor Bryan Cranston and invited him onstage to introduce a song. The appearance was reportedly a surprise for festivalgoers, but it's less random than you might guess. In fact, Walter White popping up actually makes total sense for the British trance band’s set. Back in 2013, Above & Beyond actually recorded a track called “Walter White,” and it was just before the group was going to perform the song that Walter White made his eponymous appearance.

Above & Beyond’s team caught the entire appearance, capturing Bryan Cranston showing up to state what is probably the most iconic catchphrase from AMC’s Breaking Bad, growling, “Say my name.” The audience fulfilled the request, but Cranston went ahead and introduced the song, anyway, also pushing the button to start the track. It’s a pretty great moment for a musical festival, made even more exciting since Cranston seems to be having a ton of fun.

Cranston later took to Twitter to share his own video footage and thoughts regarding the appearance.

It’s hard to believe it has already been almost two years since Breaking Bad aired its final episode on AMC. The finale was one of the most-watched in the series’ history, and helped to solidify Breaking Bad as a cultural phenomenon, which is why Bryan Cranston can throw on his Walter-White-As-Heisenberg voice, jump onstage and do wild shit, like introduce songs at EDC. Not a bad legacy to have, at all, especially considering Cranston was once upon a time almost universally considered a nice enough support comedian.

Fortunately, the producers of Breaking Bad saw something special in Bryan Cranston, and he was eventually able to show a larger portion of his talent. His options are now nearly unlimited moving forward, and while he'll probably continue to do fun stuff like make surprise appearances at music festivals, it's a good bet he'll give the world a few more iconic performances before he's done.

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