Weeds Season 8 Spoilers: Which Character Is Returning Before The Series Finale?

Weeds spoilers ahead!

It's been a bumpy ride for Nancy Botwin and Guillermo Gomez, with each wanting the other dead or otherwise out of the picture at some point over the course of their working relationship on Weeds. With the Showtime series coming to an end, it looks like we may get some closure for their ongoing relationship before the show wraps up.

According to TV Guide, actor Guillermo Diaz is set to return to Weeds to reprise his role as Guillermo Gomaz in the series' final three episodes.

The last we saw of Guillermo was at the end of Season 6, when he was with Nancy and Esteban as they went to the airport to get Esteban and Nancy's son Stevie. Guillermo was arrested along with Esteban and Nancy. Even before that, he and Nancy weren't on the best terms, what with her going over his head to get a cut of his weed shipments, and him agreeing to help her kill Pilar, only to stab her in the back (or the front, really). Needless to say, they have a lot of history, most of which isn't good. But there was a time when they were working together, and perhaps they can get back to that point.

From what series creator Jenji Kohan says, it doesn't sound like Nancy and Guillermo will definitely be at each others' throats:

"I just think Nancy and Guillermo have circled each other for so many years," she says. "It's time that they just accept the fact that they're going to be in each other's lives."

Diaz' comment seems to reaffirm the idea that they'll be friends…

"Nancy Botwin has this power over Guillermo that he, once again, doesn't kill her when he pops up in front of her again," Diaz adds. "They just go right back to how they were. We see that Guillermo ends up being a friend."

But will they stay friends? Or will something happen to put them at odds with one another? Anything could happen!

We also have the 100th episode to look forward to. It airs on September 9 and (spoiler alert!) will see a return to Agrestic! The town full of "little boxes" where the story began. Can't wait for that!

There are just four episodes to go for the series, with the next new episode ("Threshold") set to air Sunday night at 10/9c on Showitme.

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