The West Wing Cast Does The Sorkin Walk And Talk In Funny Or Die's New PSA

The walk and talk. It's widely known as the Aaron Sorkin signature move. Sure, other writers (and directors) have employed this technique before the Academy Award winning writer of The Social Network, but it is hard to imagine his Emmy winning series The West Wing without picturing the cast in almost perpetual motion.

The words often flew much faster than the pace of the stroll around the White House corridors but there is no question that it still provided the cast with at least a little more exercise than other series. Okay, that might be a stretch (which you should always do before walking, by the way), however, it still serves as the basis for this clever and chuckle worthy Funny or Die PSA. Here's the reunited cast of The West Wing (walking and) talking about the importance of exercise.

The sketch was made for Funny Or Die in order to help promote, an organization trying to get the populace more invested in personal fitness by promoting a simple exercise regimen of 30 minutes of walking per day (which, as they point out, you can do all at once, in 2 fifteen minute walks, 3 ten minute walks or even ten 3 minute walks).

Obviously, the entire cast of The West Wing does not appear in the public service announcement but it's still pretty rad to see Martin Sheen, Allison Janney, Dulé Hill, Joshua Malina, Melissa Fitzgerald and William Duffy all together again, even if just for a brief spoof of their collective past. It's a pretty funny sketch (and I particularly enjoyed Hill mentioning how he had 'another walk and talk to get to') with a good message.

Of course, this also isn't the first time the signature Sokrin move was spoofed with Parks and Recreation doing some walking and talking when former Winger Bradley Whitford visited or the previous 30 Rock parody (also included in the P&R post) that featured the man himself. If you want to see the future of the move, Sorkin's new HBO show The Newsroom premieres this summer. I hope the cast is in shape.