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What To Expect From The Legends Of Tomorrow Season 1 Finale

Legends of Tomorrow got off to a later start than fellow CW DC shows Arrow and The Flash, but it still managed to pack a lot in during its first season. Tonight, the time traveling adventure will finally conclude in the season finale, and there’s plenty to keep the protagonists busy, from stopping Vandal Savage to returning to their normal, pre-January 2016 lives. Over Season 1, the show has included a lot of cool fight sequences and interesting futuristic technology, but this finale will throw a few curveballs viewers haven’t seen during the previous 15 episodes.

When asked whether the Legends of Tomorrow season finale will feature anything “cool and new” fans have never seen before, showrunner Marc Guggenheim told TV Line that among the new things being shown are new abilities and a sequence taking place across history itself. He said:

There are a few things. I think a couple of people are going to display some new powers, and as we’ve sort of intimated, the epic fight against Savage is wholly unique. I’ve got to give a shout out to Kevin Mock, our editor, who really put together, I would say, one of the most unique sequences that you’ve seen on a time travel show — because it’s not only epic but it is taking place literally across history.

Earlier in the interview, Guggenheim confirmed that the team will have their final battle with Vandal Savage across multiple time periods, referring to it as the show’s “greatest hits.” Although Vandal is still formidable with his own skills, his gigantic army and the Time Ship he was given, he no longer has the support of the Time Masters, which will make it easier for them to finally defeat him. Presumably that’s where these new abilities will come in handy. The finale will also introduce a mysterious, established DC character (played by Suits star Patrick J. Adams), who still hasn’t been identified, but will play a key role in setting up Season 2.

Perhaps the biggest puzzle on viewers’ minds is Leonard Snart’s ultimate fate. Last week, he sacrificed himself so that the Oculus could be destroyed, but shortly after the episode aired, it was reported that Wentworth Miller will continue to play Captain Cold next TV season as a recurring character across The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and possibly Arrow. So despite seemingly dying nobly, Leonard will live on, though it remains to be seen whether he survived because the Oculus didn’t really kill him or the Legends will save him using time travel. When all is said and done, it sounds like Marc Guggenheim and the rest of the Legends of Tomorrow cast and crew wanted their first year to go out with a bang, and fans only have to wait a few more hours to see what they put together.

Legends of Tomorrow’s Season 1 finale, titled “Legendary,” airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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