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What The Guardians Of The Galaxy TV Show Will Change

Guardians of the Galaxy is heading to the small screen soon, thanks to an animated program created for Disney XD. Guardians of the Galaxy will pick up with the team already put together and gelling as an entity, although it won’t be a direct sequel to the movie (that’s already in the works theatrically). While Marvel’s film franchise has been known for some risqué jokes and innuendo, Disney XD is decidedly a more kid-friendly channel, and recently Marvel’s creative director of animation Eric Radomski revealed the show is changing the tone to be more on the level of a younger audience.

We make reference to past girlfriends and relationships but we are never going to be as adult in the movie with some of the innuendo. We are geared toward 7- to 11-year-olds. Yet we know we have the whole Marvel fanbase, which spreads way into the feature film level audience.

What I find most interesting about Radomski’s comment to THR is not that the animated series is going to be more geared towards kids. What I find most fascinating is Marvel’s awareness that much of the movie's fanbase is still at least basically aware of the animated program and some older audiences will even tune in--even though Guardians of the Galaxy is an animated program for an animation-based channel that frequently gears toward younger children.

When Guardians of the Galaxy originally aired in theaters, it earned a PG-13 rating for some “intense sci-fi violence” and “language,” which included an edgy joke about a blacklight and Jackson Pollack that everyone was shocked Marvel actually approved. Although the TV series won’t be quite as edgy, what the franchise will do is continue to include some fun references from the eighties for the adults who are tuning in—with or without their kids. Here’s what consulting producer Steven Melching says will be used to bridge the gap between the younger and older audiences who are watching:

There is a lot of comedy and a lot of references to the '80s since Peter Quill is our man out of time. So we have a lot of fun with that.

Guardians of the Galaxy stars a different cast than the original movie, featuring voicework from the more budget-friendly Will Friedle, Kevin Michael Richardson, Vanessa Marshall, Trevor Devall and David Sobolov, among others, a cast that Marvel has referred to as “feel-alikes” to the movie cast. So while a lot about the TV series will be different from the movie, a lot will still feel similar and should engage similar audiences.

You can find out for yourself when Guardians of the Galaxy on Saturday, September 26 at 9:30 p.m. ET. You can check out what else is premiering this fall, here.

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