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What Legends Of Tomorrow's Captain Cold Is Going To Be Doing Next TV Season

Wentworth Miller’s Leonard Snart, a.k.a. Captain Cold, started out on The Flash as a super villain, but beginning in January, he was recruited by Rip Hunter, along with his partner Mick Rory and six heroes, on Legends of Tomorrow to fight Vandal Savage across history. Last week’s episode, titled “Destiny,” seemed to be the final chapter of his story in this continuity, but a report released soon after revealed that Captain Cold’s time in the DC TV universe is far from over. Not only is he confirmed to return next TV season, fans will be reunited with him tonight in the Legends of Tomorrow season finale.

During an interview with TV Line, showrunner Marc Guggenheim was asked how he would respond to fans who are disappointed to see Leonard gone from Legends of Tomorrow. Here’s what he said:

…I would also say that he’s not off the show. You’ll still see him next season. In fact, check out the season finale.

As a refresher, Captain Cold spent most of last week’s episode with Sara Lance on the Waverider, as the two of them were the only ones who evaded being captured by the Time Masters. Leonard didn’t think they stood a chance of saving their allies, but with Sara’s convincing and A.I. Gideon’s help, they pulled off a successful rescue. Once the team was back together (minus Jax, who returned later), they turned their attention to destroying the Oculus, the technology that allows the Time Masters to directly manipulate time, thus explaining why the protagonists never had any luck defeating Vandal Savage. Ray Palmer was the one who was supposed to stay behind so the Oculus would be properly destroyed (as Rip Hunter glimpsed in his vision of the future), but Mick Rory decided to take his place. When Leonard learns about what his friend intended to do, he knocked him out and sacrificed himself instead, allowing his teammates to escape and preventing the Time Masters from interfering in their mission anymore.

This seemed to be the end of Captain Cold, but all was not as it seemed, and not just because death usually isn’t as permanent in comic book stories. Shortly after the episode aired, it was reported that Wentworth Miller signed a deal that will see him recurring across Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash. According to Legends of Tomorrow executive producer Greg Berlanti, Leonard was never intended to be a permanent member of the team, but they still wanted to keep him around. Considering all the positive reception Miller has received for his performance, taking him off the DC TV board permanently would have been a mistake.

So what does all this mean for Captain Cold’s future? Well, tonight’s Legends of Tomorrow finale will obviously explain how he’s still alive, whether it’s due to the Oculus not really killing him or the other Legends saving him using time travel. Past that, fans can look forward to still seeing him in Legends of Tomorrow Season 2, but only for a couple episodes here and there. That may be a downside for folks who enjoy that show, but for The Flash fans, the upside is he’ll finally return to Central City, which will hopefully lead to him forming The Rogues. Although he and Flash came to a grudging understanding when they last saw each other, Cold is still a criminal at heart. He may not be keen on killing the Scarlet Speedster, but that doesn’t mean he wants the hero screwing up his heists, and working with other special criminals decreases the chance of pesky interference…by a little bit. Miller’s deal may also allow Captain Cold appear in Arrow at some point, and I’m sure I’m not alone saying that I would love to see a showdown between him and Green Arrow in Star City.

The Legends of Tomorrow Season 1 finale. titled “Legendary,” airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on The CW.

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