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Through six seasons and a prequel season, The Walking Dead franchise has kept fans in the dark regarding exactly what caused the zombie apocalypse. While we know the outbreak has affected anyone living and breathing on the series in a multitude of ways, we still don’t know its origins. Recently, Fear The Walking Dead star Cliff Curtis shared his feelings in an interview regarding what he feels may have caused the zombie apocalypse in AMC’s world. Here’s what he had to say:
It’s not on the show, but what I think is a really strong possibility is that all of the government laws around immunization of children and how it’s illegal to not be immunized, so that you have all of these kids who, for generations, are immunized, but then something goes wrong and you have thousands and thousands and thousands of people, all around the world, buying these immunizations for flu shots or to fight bacteria or disease, and we’ve basically become over-immune and our immune system takes over and refuses to let the body die. That’s my theory.

If that were true, I’m not sure why there wouldn’t be more humans dealing with polio or the mumps along with the zombies on the series, but honestly, this explanation is as fine enough as any other related to the series. The powers that be—aka the writers and the producers on The Walking Dead—have purposefully never gone to lengths to explain the origins of the zombie outbreak. And since we’re [probably] never going to know, I’m interested in any and all theories those related to the show have regarding what could have happened. Some of these theories are bound to be more plausible than others, but hey, that’s the nature of this sort of discussion.

Curtis also told Collider that he’s just as annoyed at not knowing what actually went down as many viewers are.
I’m not okay with that. I want to know how all of this happen. I’m like, ‘Come on, guys! Give me the information!’

While Curtis might be jokingly begging in vain, Fear the Walking Dead has been an intriguing show for other reasons. For instance, the prequel did give us a timeframe for when the outbreak moved forward and began to be a problem for humanity during Season 1. While we didn’t get any exact dates, technology, posters and more gave fans an idea of when the outbreak began, which is something, at least.

Way back in August, we learned that Fear the Walking Dead toyed with a few ideas that would have delved into the mythology of the zombie outbreak on the show. Showrunner Dave Erickson said he wanted to roll with an explanation, but that comics writer Robert Kirkman shut him down. Unfortunately, if ever there was a time for an explanation, the beginning of Fear the Walking Dead would have been it.

Although that time may have passed, we will most certainly be getting a second season of Fear The Walking Dead. In addition, the second half of Season 6 of The Walking Dead will return at midseason. You can see what else is coming up with our winter TV premiere schedule.