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Whedon Delivers More Buffy

Fans of ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’ will be happy to learn that the show’s creator, Joss Whedon has decided to create an eighth season of the hit show… in comic book form. Whedon was not only responsible for ‘Buffy’ but also the TV series ‘Firefly’ and last year’s Serenity. Fans of Whedon, sometimes referred to as “Whedonites” are likely go be jumping for joy at the very idea that the adventures of Buffy, Xander, Willow and everyone else who survived season 7 will be continued, even if it’s not on the small or big screen.

Entertainment Weekly posted the news today, stating that Whedon misses his famous creation and that he would be making the comic book as though it were a TV show. This might be helpful for those of us who love ‘Buffy’ but aren’t into comics. Whedon told E.W., “We're calling it season 8 and we're picking up almost right after season seven left off.”.

In the final season of the ‘Buffy’ series, Sunnydale was destroyed. Buffy and most of her pals (everyone except Anya and Spike) survived the battle against The First with the help of some of the recently activated Slayers. ‘Angel’ viewers got a bit of information as to what became of Buffy and her pals in the shows final season. Buffy was in Europe with Dawn and the rest of the gang was spread out all over the world continuing the fight against evil.

In terms of where the story will pick up in the comic, Whedon told Entertainment Weekly, “Not that everything is dire and angsty and season six-y, But she's dealing with the consequences of having empowered thousands of girls around the world. She may have closed the Hellmouth under Sunnydale and defeated The First. But evil? Still rampant!'” He added that the characters were still spread out across the globe working to train the new slayers and that the Scoobies would be in the comics but that he plans to introduce them slowly.

Spike and Angel will appear in the comic but as their characters are owned by another company, Whedon says he will be using them sparingly. He also went on to say that we won’t get to find out how they managed to survive the onslaught of demons that they were facing in the final moments of the ‘Angel’ series, saying, ''That's a story for another time, another place.''

Check out the full story at Entertainment Weekly’s website here

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