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Fans of corsets and court intrigue should be pleased to learn that the BBC One drama that aired on Starz in the U.S., The White Queen, will be available for purchase in just a few months. In an early announcement, Anchor Bay Home Entertainment is stating that The White Queen will be available on Blu-ray and DVD beginning on February 4.


The series is a ten-part drama set during the period of history in England known as the War of the Roses. Fights for the crown are constant and often lead to the deaths of plotters and those loyal to the losing side. Starring Max Irons and Rebecca Ferguson, the program was initially conceived as a drama with the potential to continue into a second season, but after it received unfavorable reviews in the U.K., BBC One decided it would not move forward with a second series. U.S. audiences actually were privy to a different cut of the drama, one that was far racier and did quite a bit better with critics. If you haven’t yet caught the drama, you can check out the Blu-ray trailer for the release, which focuses on battles and the wars women wage behind the scenes.

I actually thought the pilot for the series was great, and while every episode didn’t maintain the same level of interest for me, I would have liked to have seen what the creators could have come up with in a second season. Still, since The White Queen covers a pretty specific period in history, it’s storyline makes sense for a limited event series, as well.

While the bonus features on the set haven’t been given particularly catchy or inspiring titles, there are quite a lot of them, including looks at the period settings and wardrobes, the actual history that is brought up in the series, and a look at how The White Queen was brought to life onscreen from the pages of popular author Philippa Gregory’s series The Cousins War. You can pre-order the set over at Amazon or check out the bonus features, below.

The White Queen Bonus Features
  • The Making Of The White Queen
  • Series Overview
  • Book To Series
  • The History Behind The White Queen
  • The White Queen: Set Tour
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • The King
  • The Heir Apparent
  • Woman In A Man's World
  • Conjuring Up The Queen/Magic
  • Dressing The Queen/Wardrobe

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