Why Some Now Believe That Walking Dead Character Really Did Die

Even though everyone in the world is probably aware of the details of this story by now, this is still a spoiler warning.

Following last Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead, fans of the show have been tearing their hair out in speculating what actually happened to Glenn in that crazy ass scene. And speaking of hair, it looks like Glenn’s future cold be answered by actor Steven Yeun taking a seat in front of a barber. According to actor Michael Traynor, who plays/played that bastard Nicholas, that was exactly how the duo spent their time after shooting the heavily talked-about sequence.

We did it together. That’s kind of how we celebrated the day. We went to the barber shop. We got a little trim. It was good.

Now, Glenn’s hair isn’t as important an element to the show as Rick’s beard, which legitimately ties into that character’s mental state, but viewers have watched Glenn’s look change over the years. And to me, his current ear-length locks fit him better and make him look more mature and leader-ish than his shorter hair did, or anything involving a baseball cap. So getting a haircut does not seem like the best idea for a character whose fate is being argued all over the Internet, since it’d be kind of hard to explain Glenn surviving that zombie attack only to immediately hit up Jessie for a salon sesh.

That said, it’s equally possible that if he survived, he’d want to clean up as much as possible, and maybe there would be parts of Nicholas’ intestines in his hair that a simple shampoo/conditioner just wouldn’t fix. We know that Glenn is still going to come back in some form to wrap that story up, and it was said that his character has lost his humanity following Nicholas’ arguably selfish act. We all remember that when Shane started going off the deep end, he completely shaved his head. Traynor said it was just “a little trim,” but maybe he was just being vague. Maybe Glenn went for the dome look.

Considering Yeun has still been seen on set after that episode was filmed, we’re obviously not sure exactly how he’s going to fit into future episodes. Although if he shows up in a flashback, the haircut would definitely make some sense.

It’s strange to live in a time where actors’ haircuts are avenues to speculation about the fates of their characters after potentially shocking deaths. Before actor Kit Harrington was seen on set for Game of Thrones Season 6, his long hair was seen as a sign that he was definitely returning to the show. And we’re still waiting to get some clear confirmation on that.

As an aside, is it possible that Nicholas will be seen again on the show? Here’s what Traynor told Huffington Post.

Oh, that’s totally possible. I am constantly amazed by the inventiveness that comes out of that writers’ room. Those guys know the story, know the world and really have a sense of what the fans will respond to and do a brilliant job of leading them along in the story. You know there could be more Nick. There could be a spinoff. I see the Governor, Merle and Nicholas kind of at the gates of hell for Walking Dead: Gates of Hell Edition.

I do like the sound of that. But since it probably won’t happen, just keep tuning into The Walking Dead on Sunday nights on AMC to see what happens next.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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