The X Factor may be short two judges for the singing competition's second season, but they also need contestants. Those of you looking to try out for Season 2 will have your chance soon enough. Online auditions are set to open up next month, and dates and locations for in-person auditions are already scheduled.

If you watched the Super Bowl earlier this month, you may have seen last season’s X Factor winner Melanie Amaro in the Pepsi ad with Elton John. A Super Bowl Pepsi ad was one of the prizes, along with a $5 million recording contract with Sony. Those hoping for a chance at next season’s prize will have the opportunity to try out online in a couple of weeks.

Per Fox’s release, auditions will be open to all of America, ages 12 and over, with no upper age limit. Online auditions open at beginning March 1st.

As for the in-person auditions, here’s the list of cities and dates posted so far:

March 14 - Kansas City
March 22 - Austin, TX
April 20 - San Francisco, CA
May 1 - Greensboro, NC

An additional city will be announced, and there will also be MyStudio booths set up around the country for people to record and submit their try-out.

Check in at for more specifics on the audition process.

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