It's been a while but the man behind The X-Files, is making his return to television, or at least going to give it the old college try. Chris Carter created the supernatural smash hit starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson almost twenty years ago with it running for an impressive 9 seasons, not to mention pumping out a couple of flicks. His long awaited return to the small screen is for something a little more Unique.

You see what I did there? 'Cause the show is called Unique. Anyway, The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news that the sabbatical taking screenwriter/showrunner has decided to attempt a comeback with a female-led police procedural with, shocker, a supernatural bent. The project, according to THR, is set up at Media Rights Capital with no word on any interested networks as of yet, however, if Carter writes it, they will come (his old stalwart Fox perhaps?).

I must admit that I was a late comer to The X-Files. I was only 9 years old when the show first hit Fox and it was probably a little too scary for me until I grew up a bit. Returning to the show during my college years, it felt like discovering a hidden gem, and the show now has a pretty special place in my heart. For the younger crowd unwilling or uninterested in a show from the early 90s I suggest giving it a chance, because its influence was significant. In fact, you could argue that without The X-Files we might not have Fringe and that would be a shame.

Chris Carter is a very talented and smart guy who was also behind Millennium and The Lone Gunmen. He's got such a unique perspective (no pun intended) that I cannot wait to see back on the small-screen. Now, he's just got to go write that pilot.

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