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Remember when Britney Spears’ baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears was a child actor for a hot second on a hit Teen Nick series Zoey 101? Maybe you don’t, but for those young enough to remember the quirky boarding school, teen angst ridden comedy, it may be a shock that the show has now turned a whopping 10 years old. The series created by Dan Schneider had a dedicated fan base, so much so that Teen Nick fulfilled a 10-year promise by bringing back a number of the original actors to reprise their roles in a special video. Check it out.

The video which first appeared on Teen Nick’s Twitter page, answers the now 10-year question of “What did Zoey say?” In a Season 2 episode of Zoey 101 the high school crew put together a time capsule, in which Zoey buries a DVD. On it she reveals something about her best friend/potential soul mate Chase, but the audience never knows what exactly. Zoey promises Chase that he can open the time capsule in 10 years. The episode aired on September 18, 2015, so as yesterday marked the 10 years after the time capsule was created, it was time for Chase to see ‘what’s in the box’, I mean time capsule, same difference.

The Teen Nick clip features an older Chase (Sean Flynn) as he gets ready to propose to a girl who is clearly not Zoey (though does kind of look like her). But just in the knick of time an out-of-breath and excited Michael (Christopher Massey) rushes in with the big news. Unable to find a DVD player to play Zoey’s speech, Michael luckily had written it down, and repeats it to Chase. The big news-- Zoey thought, even back then, that Chase might be her soulmate. Whaaaat?!? So of course Chase runs out the door to go find her and talk about this magical discovery, and he grabs the ring he was using for another lady on the way out. As Chase runs out the door, all we get is a “to be continued...?” Fans waited 10 years for even this realization, we’re sure they can wait a little bit more for the final outcome.

Zoey 101 had a short but strong run of four seasons. The show was even nominated for an Outstanding Children’s Program Emmy back in 2005. It followed Zoey (Jamie Lynn Spears) and her friends as they attended a boarding school in Southern California. Throughout the series Chase clearly has a severe crush on Zoey, even at one point accidentally admitting his love to her. It is only at the very finale that Zoey and Chase even have their first kiss though, and while it is assumed they’ve dated the rest of high school, there wasn’t too much detail into the status of their relationship. Now fans have gotten another taste into the best friends turned lovebirds, and we will see if these assumed soul mates truly are meant to be, if and when Teen Nick decides to continue this 10 year later tease.

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