Just last week, we shared some updated information on the potential Zombieland TV series. With news that the project was possibly in the casting project, we were left to wonder if we might be hearing further updates on the status, including where it might land. Today, just such an update has arrived and it looks like Amazon could be the network streaming video service looking to bring the zombie adventure-comedy to the small screen.

The source of this news is BroadcastNow, a British subscription-based service to which we don't have access, but BleedingCool.com shared some of the details from the report, stating that Gavin Polone, who produced the original film, says he's working with Amazon on the streaming version of the story. At this point, I'm assuming it's at the pilot-development stage, as there's no word of a series order or any specifics on that front.

It's not a huge surprise that Amazon would be considering this project, though. The online store has been adding on to its subscription video (and shipping) service Amazon Prime lately, with both additional TV programming and some original programming projects in development, which could give Netflix a run for its money in both areas. Plus who doesn't love free two-day shipping? A Zombieland series would certainly be a good way to draw more attention (and subscribers) to Prime, considering the popularity of zombies and of the 2009 film, which was originally supposed to be a TV show in the first place.

The recently leaked casting info gave us a few details about the potential plot, including where the four lead characters' stories pick up in the time following the events in the movie.

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