Better Call Saul: 6 Things To Remember Before Season 6

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill / Saul Goodman
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S’all good, man! The man, the myth, the legend, Saul Goodman, otherwise known as Jimmy McGill (played by Bob Odenkirk), is returning for Better Call Saul Season 6 soon. For the final time, we’re going to see the ultimate transformation of Jimmy McGill into Saul Goodman, the man that we all know and love from Breaking Bad. 

But, so much happened in that Better Call Saul Season 5 finale, and because it’s been almost two years since that came out, I think it’s time we do a little bit of a rundown of things you should remember as a Better Call Saul fan, before Season 6 rolls around on April 18. Here are six things you should remember prior to the show’s final season premiere.  

The cab driver in Better Call Saul.

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Flashforward Gene (Saul) Has Been Recognized By A Cab Driver

If you’re a fan of Better Call Saul, I’m sure at this point you’re all champing at the bit to get the next flashforward of Saul. During every season of Better Call Saul, the first episode usually begins with a flashforward to post-Breaking Bad Saul after his business with Walt, showing what life on the run is like, after changing his name to Gene. 

However, in the last flashforward, from the Season 5 premiere, a huge thing happened where Saul was actually recognized. The whole point of him uprooting his life, changing his name, and moving somewhere remote was so that he would never be recognized again, but as he was going home, the cab driver recognized him, saying that he knows about Saul's past.

Even so, at the end of this flashforward, we’re shown that Saul doesn’t just run away this time, but instead decides to figure out how to handle the issue himself. What that means, we don’t know quite yet, but I’m sure that’ll all be answered soon, and possibly in the premiere. 

Kim and Jimmy in Better Call Saul.

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Jimmy And Kim Have Teamed Up For Corrupt Politics 

They're partners in marriage and partners in crime, now. For those who don’t remember, at the end of Season 5, Kim Wexler, Jimmy’s now-wife, is fully in on this crime game. They have the chance to use spousal privileges in future legal dealings, but this union brings on a whole new level of danger for the young woman as Jimmy has been having some rough and tough situations lately with Lalo Salamanca. 

While the two of them made it out of Season 5 unharmed, one does have to wonder what does happen to Kim, considering she doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad at all. Whether that means she’ll be killed, put in prison, or something else, I think we’re all a little collectively worried about Kim right now. 

Howard in Better Call Saul.

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Howard Wants To Find A Way To Take Jimmy Down

Ah, Howard. While I want to say he’s an asshole, at the end of the day, I do feel that, in some way, he is in the right for wanting to find a way to stop Jimmy. We see this in the finale when Howard warns Kim about the harassment and danger Jimmy has been getting himself into and says she shouldn’t keep following what he says. 

Kim is insulted by this, thinking that Howard is implying she can’t make her own decisions, and then further pushes this notion aside by suggesting to Jimmy that they force a Sandpiper case resolution in order to sabotage Howard. If this were to successfully happen, Jimmy would receive a crap-ton of money. However, what they’re going to do is currently up in the air. Howard, meanwhile, is trying to find ways to take Jimmy down so he doesn’t get screwed. But, Howard also doesn’t appear in Breaking Bad, so who knows where this man will end up. 

Lalo in Better Call Saul.

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Lalo Escaped Gus’ Assasination Attempt 

Is anyone else more terrified of Lalo Salamanca than Tuco Salamanca? I think it’s the combination of craziness and brainpower that Lalo has, which makes him an even more terrifying villain than Tuco ever was. Which is why that ending scene, of Lalo walking away from Gus’ failed assassination attempt, has me worried for everyone.

He killed every single one of his assassins except for one, and told that man to tell the middleman that he was killed. Now, everyone is going to think that Lalo is dead when in reality, he’s going to come back swinging and probably packing some serious heat. Tony Dalton as Lalo Salamanca was a great choice, and honestly, I can’t wait to see the fresh hell he brings in the final season.  

Nacho in Better Call Saul.

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Nacho Is Nowhere To Be Seen 

Is anyone else lowkey terrified for Nacho? I had to admit, from the moment he appeared on the television screen, this man has captured my interest because he genuinely seems like a good person who was just dragged into doing these horrible things. And now, at the end of the Season 5 finale, it seems him being a double agent for Lalo and Gus is finally starting to catch up with him. 

After Gus suggests to Nacho that he could help with Lalo’s assassination, the younger man opens the gates for the assassins at three in the morning and then books it out of there, and that was the last time we saw him. Considering that Lalo doesn’t see Nacho anywhere, I have a feeling he knows that Nacho is involved - and will be coming for him soon. Nacho’s fate is really left up in the air right now and I’m nervous as all hell. 

Mike and Saul in Better Call Saul.

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Mike Might Be In Trouble With Gus After Revealing Information To Saul

I am saying it now - Mike was, hands down, one of my absolute favorite characters from Breaking Bad, and the fact that he’s such a main character in Better Call Saul makes my heart happy. However, I have a feeling that Mike might end up getting in trouble with Gus down the line in Season 6. 

While it doesn’t seem like a big deal, Mike told Saul about Lalo’s assassination attempt - something Gus explicitly told Mike not to do and to keep private. This, in turn, leads to Kim finding out from Jimmy after their intense confrontation with Lalo in the penultimate episode. While Mike and Gus never had a close relationship, they do work together in Breaking Bad, so I have a feeling this issue gets resolved - but Gus is a bit more hot headed in Better Call Saul, so I wouldn't be surprised if Gus finds out that Mike informed Saul, and tore into Mike afterwards. 

Are you excited for the sixth season of Better Call Saul? The Breaking Bad universe is finally going to come to a close soon, but always remember - s’all good, man!

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