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With Big Brother set to return for its fourteenth season next week, CBS has begun rolling out information on the contestants and photos of the house. Check out the videos and photos ahead to get a look at what's store for as another season of the reality competition series gets underway.

Big Brother is set to air its fourteenth season on CBS next week. Based on the international format, the U.S. version of the series sequesters contestants from various backgrounds in a house together, cuts them off from the outside world and has them compete against one another in an effort to be the last man (or woman) standing in the house at the end of the season.

CBS released this rather patriotic looking teaser for Season 14, which gives us our first look at (some of) the house guests competing this summer.

Shown in the video are:

Shane: House Flipper
Kara: Model
JoJo: Bartender
Wil: Marketing Consultant
Danielle: Nurse
Willie: Tankerman
Jodi: Restaurant Server
Mike: Sailing Instructor
Jenn: Musician

That's only nine, so I'm assuming there are a couple more people who didn't make it into the promo. I thought I saw a guy with glasses dancing.

The house looks fresh and colorful, with a fun, modern look to the decor. Her are a couple of photos that give us a look at this season's funky looking style.

Here's SuperPass' tour of the Big Brother house:

And CBS has more photos on their website. No profiles on the house guests yet, but I expect that'll be coming soon.

In the meantime, here are some promo photos of host Julie Chen getting playful with her index cards...

Big Brother premieres July 12 on CBS.

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