CSI: Vegas Renewed For Season 2 At CBS, But Not Everyone Is Returning

The cast of CSI: Vegas
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CSI: Vegas, the highly anticipated follow-up to the iconic CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, made its debut on CBS this fall and has managed to make some waves. So far, the sequel series has pulled in solid ratings and mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers alike. As a result, the network has officially given the show a second season renewal. However, the news may be somewhat bittersweet for fans, as it turns out one of the franchise’s core cast members will not be returning. 

William Petersen, who reprised his fan-favorite role as Gil Grissom for the new show, will not be returning for Season 2. According to Deadline, Petersen had only signed on to appear in the show’s first 10-episode season. The news is surprising especially considering that Grissom served as a major character on Vegas. This change won’t mean the end of the actor’s relationship with the franchise, however, as he’ll reportedly remain on the show as an executive producer. Meanwhile, another pivotal star’s fate has yet to be finalized. 

The trade also mentions that Jorja Fox, famous for her role as Sara Sidle, is not officially on board just yet. Thankfully though, it would appear that her contract allows her the option to reprise her role for future episodes. Deadline’s sources tell them that the producers feel good about her odds of coming back. This is definitely good news but seeing Sidle without Grissom would evoke some mixed emotions. It had been a while since fans were able to see the two on screen together again, and losing that dynamic so soon is shocking. 

William Petersen and Jorja Fox on CSI: Vegas

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The chances of the franchise vet’s return may not be too slim, especially if she still has the enthusiasm that she had when she first signed on. Around CSI: Vegas’ premiere, she referred to Sidle as her favorite character she’s ever played though, ironically enough, she was most interested in exploring the character’s love affair with Grissom. But even though the character is now out of the picture, there’s still plenty that can be explored with her seasoned forensic scientist, especially since the actress has shaken off the rust.

Regardless of character returns, CBS seems excited to be producing another season of the series. Amy Reisenbach, the network’s EVP Current Programs, released a statement in which she praised the series’ initial run of episodes:

The incredibly talented CSI: Vegas creative team and cast did a superb job this first season, brilliantly updating and portraying the CSI universe with fresh stories and a new crime lab, proving that after 20 years, the CSI fan base is still hungry for more and ready to embrace a new chapter in this illustrious franchise.

Though there are few details at the moment, the stage has already been set for some exciting new stories. The Season 1 finale alluded to a new serial killer who could cause major problems for the team moving forward, and that battle could become that much more difficult if both William Petersen and Jorja Fox’s two lead characters are no longer in the fold. We’ll just have to sit back and see how things unfold.

In the meantime, you can revisit the first season of CSI: Vegas by streaming episodes on Paramount+.

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