Why CSI: Vegas' Jorja Fox Felt 'Really Rusty' In Returning To CBS As Sara Sidle

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Spoilers ahead for Season 1, Episode 6 of CSI: Vegas, “Funhouse.” Continue reading at your own risk!

CSI: Vegas is well into its first season already and it’s been a treat to see William Petersen and Jorja Fox on the (crime) scene once again. Fox appeared on the original CSI in both a main and a recurring role throughout the entire 15-season run of the original series. The former CBS staple ended six years ago, meaning that she and costar Petersen were a little rusty in refilling Sara's and Grissom's shoes.

Jorja Fox returning as Sara Sidle in CSI: Vegas was news that could be heard around the world, or at least the part of the world that gets pumped about procedural-driven crime dramas. That said, portraying a character that one hasn’t embodied in six years can be a little hard. The actress talked all things CSI: Vegas with TV Insider and reflected on shaking the dust off when returning to her iconic role:

We were really rusty. It was really easy to sit back and make fun of the new kids and watch them struggle through learning how to do all this science and talk at the same time. It was really fun watching them and getting to play rusty, where we don’t know some of these new techniques. But then you’re going to see a little later that we’re actually going to get in there ourselves. And so we stopped laughing pretty quickly when all of a sudden we were the ones — we’ve done some of this stuff over the years, but there’s so many new techniques and toys and gadgets that have come out in the last five years. It was a real learning process for William and myself as well. And I enjoyed watching him struggle through it too. We’re like, what’s this thing? How do you do it? Suddenly we had to practice and practice, too.

Thankfully, it hasn't been obvious to viewers that the returning CSI stars were still feeling things out early on. Seeing Jorja Fox and William Petersen play their characters once again has definitely been a nice re-addition to the Fall TV lineup. But since there is a new generation, it’s the perfect balance between old and new, and not only for viewers, but for the actors themselves. While both Fox and Petersen seemed to have fallen right back into their old patterns on the performing front itself, advances in criminal science meant they were learning new techniques and terminology as well, so not everything came easy.

Meanwhile, within the show itself, Sara hasn't exactly been easing back into the swing of things, and has in fact been doing the exact opposite. The core group have been working a case for several episodes now that involved witness/criminal Martin Kline getting murdered. When the real culprit was finally revealed, as it was lawyer Anson Wix who had done everything, including stealing chemicals from the lab, it looked like things were finally done. But considering we're still a ways away from CSI: Vegas' finale, nothing is over yet. 

The next episode will see Grissom and Sara close in on their prime suspect in the David Hodges case, meaning the truth will be coming out one way or another. It will be an episode to look forward to, as this case's layers continue to unravel. Check out the preview below!

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