Will CSI: Vegas Kill Off A Key Character In The Finale?

Spoilers ahead for the December 1 episode of CSI: Vegas on CBS, called “Waiting In The Wings.”

CSI: Vegas has officially passed the point of no return when it comes to Hodges’ trial, and not in a good way. Instead of taking the stand or accepting a plea bargain by the letter of the law, he seemingly confessed that he was guilty of all the crimes he was accused of via a video message that he posted online, cut off his ankle monitor, and went on the run as a fugitive from justice… but Sara and Grissom were pretty convinced that Hodges didn’t make that "confession" or become a fugitive of his own free will. He’s missing, and the future isn’t looking too bright for him, especially considering only one episode is left in what was planned as a one-off season. So could CSI: Vegas kill him off? 

On the one hand, killing Hodges off would certainly be an emotional blow, since the serialized storyline of the season has centered on Sara, Grissom, and Max working to clear his name, and an emotional twist wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Also, it’s probably safe to say that a fair number of the CSI: Vegas viewers weren’t religious watchers of the original run of CSI, so there may be less attachment to Hodges than even the newcomers like Folsom and Allie

Killing off Hodges would be a big and bold move for the show, without actually killing off a major character. He has been key to Season 1, but not proactive in it. Since this show was ordered with the expectation of one guaranteed season and no more, the sky may be the limit for what can happen in the finale. Honestly, if any notable character could be killed off, Hodges probably fits the bill best. 

On the other and considerably less depressing hand, even if CSI: Vegas produced the first season without a guaranteed Season 2, killing off Hodges would be a bummer of a way to end the season. Sara and Grissom have given their all and risked a lot to follow the evidence and try to clear him. If they go on a chase to find him before the worst happens in the finale, only to be too late and find him dead, that could definitely leave a bad taste in the mouths of viewers. If Season 1 was to be a one-and-done, would the show really want it to end with an original CSI character dead? 

All things considered, I don’t 100% think that Hodges is doomed in the finale, but I’m also not going to ignore the possibility that his end could be nigh when the original plan was for one season. He’s the #1 character that CSI: Vegas could kill off for some shock and sadness without actually impacting the premise of the show. As somebody who didn’t actually watch the various CSI shows before Vegas brought Jorja Fox and William Petersen back to their iconic roles, Hodges dying wouldn’t be a deal-breaker in the event of a second season, either. If he does die, though, it’ll be a disaster unless they find a way to clear his name!

I’m definitely hoping that he lives at this point. And after the first nine episodes, I’m ready to say that I also hope CBS gives the order for a Season 2. The show has done a good job of balancing the stories involving the returning characters with the newcomers, and it would be interesting to see whether it can thrive in primetime in the long term again up against stiff competition. For now, you can look forward to the Season 1 finale of CSI: Vegas on Wednesday, December 8 at 10 p.m. ET on CBS. For some viewing options in the new year once Sara and Grissom are off the air again, be sure to check out our 2022 winter and spring premiere schedule.

Laura Hurley
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