Daniel Craig Showed Up On SNL Last Night With Rami Malek And Did A Prince Impression

Daniel Craig dressed as a prince on Saturday Night Live.
(Image credit: Saturday Night Live)

The great thing about Saturday Night Live is you have absolutely no idea what the show is going to talk about. Sometimes you get an episode filled with random weirdness completely unrelated to current events. Sometimes you get commentary on a bunch of really time sensitive events. Last night’s episode, hosted by new James Bond villain Rami Malek, gave us a bit of both, though perhaps its most double-take worthy moment was when 007 himself Daniel Craig unexpectedly showed up in a sketch that featured a Prince-Off.

The basic premise of the sketch goes something like this: Jordan Peele is making a new horror movie. It’s a Prince biopic that turns into a social commentary on racism. He’s figuring out who to cast between Kenan Thompson and Rami Malek; so, he calls them in for a final audition. They’re eventually interrupted by Daniel Craig who mistakenly thinks he’s auditioning for the role of The Prince but he, of course, just goes with it and does a really bad Prince. You can watch the sketch below…

The Prince sketch wasn’t the only place Daniel Craig showed up on SNL either. He was a key player in another sketch where he took a date to a truly bizarre musical and dance performance, and he also showed up in the end credits. Rami Malek ran and jumped into his arms right at the moment SNL cut away, much to the annoyance of fans on Twitter who thought the exchange was adorable and were mad we didn’t get more footage of it.

That’s another great thing about Saturday Night Live. The host is obviously a complete original every week, but you also have no idea who they might bring with them. Sometimes it’s a famous person directly related to a project they’re working on. Sometimes it’s an unrelated celebrity that’s an ideal fit for another sketch. There’s a certain mystique about the long-running late night show that attracts really busy and famous celebrities and makes them willing to do brief appearances. It’s great.

In addition to Daniel Craig’s cameos, SNL featured a wide variety of funny madness last night. The show opened with a pretty great middle finger at the NFL. The most direct target of the sketch was ex-Raiders Coach Jon Gruden, but it also more generally took aim at the crazy number of scandals the league has had in recent years, from concussions to Colin Kaepernick to having a team until recently named the Redskins. 

SNL will return next week with a new episode hosted by former cast member and current Ted Lasso star Jason Sudeikis. The musical guest will be Brandi Carlile. As we established in this story, however, we have no idea who else might randomly show up along with them. You can also catch Craig and Malek in the terrific No Time To Die, which is in theaters now.

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