Doctor Who's Jodie Whittaker Offers Suggestion For 'Phenomenal' Replacement For Season 14, And It's Another Female

The Doctor using her sonic screwdriver
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Jodie Whittaker made history in 2017 as the first female to play the iconic titular role in the long-running sci-fi series Doctor Who. As the actress prepares to exit the BBC show next year, she’s offering a suggestion for her replacement, and it’s another female.

Doctor Who stars Jodie Whittaker and Mandip Gill took on the “Kids Ask Difficult Questions” challenge for BBC Radio, and boy did the kids ask some difficult questions. From favorite blooper to why Whittaker is leaving the series, the questions were pretty great. The current Doctor got asked who would be the next Doctor Who, and her suggestion is phenomenal:

If we had the power to choose, I'm going to pick an actress who I think is really exciting and I think would be phenomenal, is Lydia West. If I had the power!

Lydia West is a British actress who is relatively new to the industry, but already has a couple shows under her belt, with multiple series and films in the works. Starring in the British miniseries It’s a Sin, West would definitely bring excitement to the role, according to Jodie Whittaker.

As for who will actually be the new Doctor, that secret has not been told. Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies, who is returning to the series after an 11-year hiatus, told The Guardian that the role of the Fourteenth Doctor has not yet been cast:

We have genuinely not cast anyone yet. We’re just starting auditions.

Finding out who will be the next Doctor Who will definitely be something to look out for, especially since the show is closing in on its 60th anniversary. Russell T. Davies mentioned that he’s back in the writers’ room and has already gotten to work on the episodes, which are set to air in November 2023, coinciding perfectly with the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who.

Popular frontrunner for the next Doctor, Prodigal Son alum Michael Sheen, recently revealed that he won’t be replacing Jodie Whittaker. The actor did say that he’s “very flattered” that fans want him as the Fourteenth Doctor but he has yet to receive the call. Other actors have also commented on the possibility of them taking over the role, with plenty of Brits in the running. But as of now, it seems like fans can only hope for their favorite to play the iconic role.

It’s hard to tell when the next Doctor will be announced, but hopefully whoever he or she is will bring plenty to the table. With the 60th anniversary coming up, there is no doubt that the writers and producers behind Doctor Who will make the upcoming season a big spectacle. It will be interesting to see if Whittaker’s choice of Lydia West will go through, as she seems like the solid choice.

Doctor Who is set to return to BBC America on New Year’s Day with a new episode! Don’t miss it.

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