Gnarly Video Shows Post Malone Falling Onstage And Majorly Injuring Himself Before Being Helped By Medics

Post Malone in Cooped Up music video.
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It takes a lot of work to put on a live concert event, and a good number of people are responsible for ensuring everything goes off seamlessly, thus allowing the artist to safely focus on their performance and the audience. However, mistakes are bound to be made, and Post Malone suffered a major injury after taking a fall on stage this weekend, shown in a gnarly video to be in agony before medics could reach him. It was a stark reminder of how dangerous performing can sometimes be (as seen of late with the Dave Chappelle incident and more).

Post Malone was performing in St. Louis, Missouri, on September 17, when the Wrath of Man actor fell into a hole that hadn’t been covered up after he used it to lower his guitar off-stage. Video taken by one of the concertgoers and posted to Twitter shows the rapper stepping into the hole, hitting his chest and appearing to slam his face on the stage floor, as he was shown writhing on his back for about 10 excruciating seconds. Check it out for yourself: 

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TMZ reports Post Malone cracked three ribs in the fall, but despite being in obvious pain, the singer returned to the stage after 10 or 15 minutes to finish the show. Wow! Talk about a professional. I don’t think anyone would have blamed him if he’d chosen to end the show at that point. There was clearly no arguing how bad a fall he took, and tweets from the concert show that fans weren’t sure if he’d be able to continue. Here’s the fall from a different angle:

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Yikes! That makes me want to bandage my own ribs in solidarity. Medics eventually helped him off the stage, as he asked his fans for a few minutes to compose himself. When he returned, he was in tears — likely both from the pain and the emotion — as he thanked everyone for sticking around, saying: 

I’ve got the best fucking fans in the world.

He also offered the most unnecessary apology ever and raised his cup of beer to the crowd, sipping on it before playing “Rockstar” and “Cooped Up.” He was still in obvious pain, as he reportedly held his ribs while he sang. As if finishing out the show wasn’t badass enough, Post Malone even stayed after the concert to sign autographs. 

The “Sunflower” singer and Olive Garden enthusiast hasn’t posted any updates about his condition to his social media, but he was scheduled to continue his tour on September 18 in Columbus, Ohio. There’s no doubt he’s going to be hurting after taking that fall, and many fans on Twitter were hoping for an update from the artist to make sure the show was still on.

For anybody who’s seen the above videos — or broken a rib themselves — it likely wouldn’t be a big surprise if the Spenser Confidential actor had to take a few days off, but given his attitude at the St. Louis show, I’d imagine that’s Post Malone’s worst-case scenario. Either way, we hope for a full recovery and safe rest of the tour! 

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