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How CSI: Vegas Is Handling Its Big Villain Differently From Original Series

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The CSI franchise is coming back with CSI: Vegas, and the hype for the show is real. Although the new series is heading back to where it all started, don’t expect things to be exactly the same. According to showrunner Jason Tracey, the show is going to be handling its villain somewhat differently compared to the original series.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation first came onto the scene in 2000. At the time, the show was lauded for its production values, which were viewed as cutting edge. Of course, things have only changed in the past 21 years, as shows have become even more technologically astute. And Jason Tracey recently explained to Variety that tech will be important in regard to crafting CSI: Vegas’ villain:

We wanted our villain of the season to be operating in the shadow, casting doubt, because that’s what’s out there. We are at a point where the barrier for entry is lower for pulling off some really impressive and nuanced crimes. What you can do with a 3D printer is pretty terrifying, whether it’s make a weapon or falsify a fingerprint. The technology exists in people’s hands, you can do video editing, you can send a virus, it’s pretty unbelievable and it would have been unthinkable, even at the height of the (original) show. The ethos of the show was always about the rigor that these people bring to the job. And I think that more than a claim that science is facts, it’s a process; the specific method is the thing that’s going to bring you to the truth. So, you don’t have to take someone’s word for it when they recite something they claim is a fact. By doing the process right, you can trust the results of the rigor of their analysis.

It seems like CSI: Vegas will be going above and beyond for its first season. Recent hiatus aside, people have been watching this franchise for years now, so it’s not surprising that the producers would want to spruce things up a little bit. The creation of this particular villain seems intriguing and admittedly scary. It should serve as something both fresh exciting for both new viewers and seasoned fans. 

Longtime devotees can also look out for links to the original series, as some characters are returning. Since CSI took place in Las Vegas, audiences will likely be in for a number of sly Easter eggs that pay tribute to the franchise's storied history.

Speaking of history, CSI: Vegas is premiering on October 6, exactly 21 years after the original series made its debut. While certain elements like the antagonist are sure to change, the limited series is sure to maintain the essence of the franchise. It'll be interesting to see how it manages to honor the legacy of the fan-favorite show.

Catch CSI: Vegas on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on CBS! And be sure to check out CinemaBlend's 2021 fall TV schedule for more on the other shows you can look forward to near the end of this year.

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