Jeopardy Boss Responds After Ken Jennings Called Out For ‘Slamming’ The Price Is Right

Ken Jennings may be the preferred co-host to many contestants who take the Alex Trebek Stage to compete on Jeopardy!, but the record-holding super-champ has faced some backlash over the past couple of weeks. He recently was forced to defend himself over accusations of giving a hint to a player and misreading a clue, and now executive producer Michael Davies has stepped in, after Jennings and contestant Greg Snyder were called out for shading The Price Is Right. Let’s take a look at Jeopardy!’s latest hullabaloo.

What Did Ken Jennings Say About The Price Is Right? 

On the February 7 episode of Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings prompted Greg Snyder to divulge that that was not his first time on a major game show, and the contestant spoke about his appearance on The Price Is Right. He went above and beyond to ensure the host knew this experience was more meaningful than the last, as he said (via TV Line): 

Fifteen years ago I was lucky enough to get picked on The Price Is Right, where I won a car … I gotta say, this is just a thousand times better. So much more fun. Anybody can be on The Price is Right. You gotta work to be on Jeopardy!

Winning a car on The Price Is Right is no small feat, but Greg Snyder seemed content to downplay the experience, and Ken Jennings fully understood that the road to Jeopardy! is far more taxing than the Drew Carey-hosted affair. Jennings quipped: 

We didn’t just pull you out of the crowd today, Greg. You didn’t come in with a uniform or a funny sign.

Ken Jennings sounds more like he’s referring to the costumes and antics regularly seen on Let’s Make a Deal, but The Price Is Right has had its share of eccentric contestants as well, who have been known for both cringey and relatable faux pas. Either way, I think we can all agree the Jeopardy! casting process is probably way more intensive. 

EP Michael Davies Weighs In On The Price Is Right Comments 

What should have been an amusing exchange between the host and player turned into an issue, as news stories accused Ken Jennings of “slamming” The Price Is Right. Media outlets even contacted the show for a comment, so executive producer Michael Davies said he felt the need to address the issue on the Inside Jeopardy! podcast, saying: 

There was no ‘slam’ of Price Is Right. I love Price Is Right. I’ve attended in the audience, old friend of Drew Carey, still (have) a lot of friends who work on that program. I respect that as an institution, as does everybody at Jeopardy! And I totally agree with Ken’s response, I thought he was being funny.

Michael Davies seems to be solidly in Ken Jennings’ corner, as he pointed out that the host was making a joke, and there is a mutual respect when it comes to the two classic game shows. 

The Price Is Right dig comes at a time when Jeopardy! has been in the headlines a lot for strange happenings on and off the air. Even before Ken Jennings was forced to play defense over accusations that he made two major on-camera mistakes, a recent champion went on an epic rant against the quiz show, prompting super-champ James Holzhauer to call for a lifetime ban.

Check your local listings to see when you can tune in to all the Jeopardy! fun, and also be sure to take a look at our 2023 TV schedule to stay up to date on all of the upcoming premieres. 

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