Jimmy Kimmel Opens Up About His The Man Show Successor Joe Rogan And The Controversy Over His Podcast

It’s safe to say that we’re living in an era in which media personalities have no problem sharing their honest takes on both political and social topics. Joe Rogan has arguably been one of the most vocal pundits, as he’s given his opinions on a myriad of topics. In the process, he’s become somewhat of a polarizing figure, with many accusing him of spreading false information in regard to COVID as of late. A number of public figures have spoken out on Rogan’s past statements and, now, Jimmy Kimmel is weighing in on the controversies that have surrounded his Man Show successor. 

For those who don’t know, before the former Emmy host landed his eponymous talk show, he was the co-host of Comedy Central’s The Man Show. The comedy series, which was originally pitched to the alphabet network, parodied and celebrated the male perspective with humorous and raunchy segments. The show, which the ABC star thinks could still be made today, ran for six seasons and has since become a cult classic. 

Jimmy Kimmel served as co-host of the series alongside comedian Adam Carolla, before both departed in 2003. It was then that Joe Rogan took over hosting duties alongside Doug Stanhope.The series essentially helped to propel Rogan to prominence and, today, he’s become a mainstay in the world of podcasting. Kimmel recently reflected on his work on Comedy during an appearance on The New York Times’ Sway podcast, and the conversation turned to Rogan and his current position. Kimmel specified the nature of their relationship with the podcast host and weighed in on how he’s seen Rogan’s words affect people:

I don’t necessarily think that anybody should be shut up. I wish people would pay attention to the facts and I wish people were just consistent…. I don’t know [Rogan] at all…. I have met him…and I think he’s a funny guy. And I think that probably most of what he says is entertaining and fun to listen to. I know people who trust what he says, and I personally know people who have put themselves in danger because he minimized the importance of vaccines. But I also know that it’s not as black and white as sometimes the media makes it out to be.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the podcast host has welcomed a number of guests who have questioned the protocols that have been put in place by the CDC. Medical officials have spoken out against him for allegedly spreading conspiracy theories. The controversies also led to certain musicians choosing to pull their musical libraries from Spotify, which is where The Rogan Experience has made its home. Earlier this year, following the backlash, the podcaster apologized, saying that he was “not trying to promote misinformation” and was not aiming to be “controversial.”

Pundits have tackled the global health situation in a myriad of ways. Jimmy Kimmel, for instance, has told a number of sharp pandemic-centric jokes (some told to only Jason Bateman). Kimmel has also been candid about the weirdest things he experienced in quarantine. The star has been a staunch supporter of vaccines and even shared a photo of himself getting a jab to his “buff” arm

It’s likely that COVID-19 will remain a significant topic of discussion as the pandemic continues. And it seems that Jimmy Kimmel and Joe Rogan will likely continue to be among those to share their views on it using their platforms. 

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Erik Swann
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