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Mike Myers Finally Explained His Gong Show Character Tommy Maitland

Mike Myers has finally explained the backstory of his The Gong Show character Tommy Maitland.

Roseanne Spinoff May Be Coming Soon

That rumored Roseanne spinoff may be on its way to television.

The Bachelorette Contestant Lincoln Adim Was Convicted Of Indecent Assault

One current contestant on The Bachelorette has been revealed to have a troubling criminal past.

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Were On Family Feud And Weren't Even The Most Ridiculous Part

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West made it to Celebrity Family Feud, but they weren't the ones who got Steve Harvey hooting the loudest.

Could Marvel's Agent Carter Still Get A Revival? Here's The Latest From Marvel

Could Marvel bring back Agent Carter? Here's the latest.

Family Matters And Other TGIF Shows Are Being Binge-Watched Like Crazy On Hulu

With the complete run of the beloved sitcoms Family Matters, Full House, and Boy Meets World available, subscribers have not been holding back.

ABC Has Apologized To Quantico Fans Over Indian Terrorism Storyline

ABC made an apology to fans of Quantico for a big reason.

Marvel TV's Jeph Loeb Weighs In On The Inhumans Appearing On Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Inhumans may be dead and buried at ABC, but that doesn't mean the characters are completely gone from our lives.

Emmy For Your Consideration Features Went Out Featuring Roseanne After The Show Was Cancelled

ABC wasn't quick enough to erase Roseanne from all of its promotional materials.

The Good Doctor's Freddie Highmore Talks Season 2 Plans For Shaun And Lea

The star of The Good Doctor shared some details regarding Shaun and Lea in Season 2.

Sara Gilbert Explained Her Feelings About Roseanne's Cancellation

After taking some time to deal with the news, Sara Gilbert has publicly responded to ABC's cancellation of Roseanne.

Roseanne's Sara Gilbert Talked Emmy's Before Show's Cancellation

Sara Gilbert's talked about Roseanne's Emmy chances before cancellation, and her quote was oddly prophetic.

ABC And Disney Hit With Lawsuit Over Kids Show Goldie & Bear

Beloved children's series Goldie & Bear is at the center of a lawsuit against ABC and Disney.

The Roseanne Character Who's Probably Getting A Spinoff Show

Roseanne may be dead in the water, but one character could get a spinoff. Here's what we know.

Bachelorette Contestant Apologizes For Offensive Social Media Activity

One contestant on The Bachelorette already had an apology to issue.

Roseanne Barr Begged For Her Show Not To Be Cancelled

Barr said she begged an ABC's chief not to cancel Roseanne following her remarks.

The Insane Rumor About One Current Bachelorette Contestant That Is Sure To Gross You Out

Well, the first episode of this year's version of The Bachelorette just aired a few days ago, but there's already a really gross and insane rumor going around about one of the contestants. Prepare yourselves, folks, 'cause this one's a doozy!

Could A Roseanne Spinoff Happen With Original Cast Members?

Roseanne got the axe after a controversial tweet from the leading lady, but does that mean the Conner family is done for good?

What Happened In The Writer's Room After Roseanne's Tweets

While the conversation about the Roseanne Barr scandal continues to spiral, we now have a greater look at how the Roseanne writers found out. And it's pretty tragic.

ABC's The Middle May Get A Spinoff

The series finale of The Middle has already aired, but there could be more of the Heck family on the way.

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