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How The Breaking Bad Home Owners Are Combatting Annoying Pizza-Throwing Fans

They are the danger...well not really, but they've had enough.

More Proof The Walking Dead And Breaking Bad Are In The Same Universe

Many fans believe that Breaking Bad is a prequel to the zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead, and now more proof as surfaced.

How Rick And Morty's Pickle Rick Was Actually Inspired By Breaking Bad

Turns out Rick and Morty got a little indirect help from Heisenberg in creating one of their best Season 3 episodes.

Jessica Jones And BoJack Horseman Are Making Breaking Bad Fans Squeal With Delight

An unexpected meeting of the minds between BoJack Horseman and Jessica Jones offered Breaking Bad fans something to cheer about.

The Biggest Thing Breaking Bad's Vince Gilligan Learned From The X-Files' Chris Carter

Vince Gilligan has experienced tremendous success over the course of the last decade, and much of that can be attributed to one specific lesson that he learned while working on The X-Files.

Not Even Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk Knows Chuck's Fate, But He's Got An Idea

Better Call Saul left Season 3 with a major cliffhanger, and now the star has voiced his opinion about where the show (and Chuck) should go.

Which Better Call Saul Character Should Get Their Own Spinoff, According To Vince Gilligan

Vince Gilligan struck gold with his first Breaking Bad spin-off, and if he goes down that road again, he will focus on one particular Better Call Saul character.

Breaking Bad's Mark Margolis Had Brain Surgery After Falling While Filming Better Call Saul

Breaking Bad vet Mark Margolis was filming Better Call Saul recently when he fell, and he then had to go through emergency brain surgery.

Why Better Call Saul And Breaking Bad Need More Spinoffs From AMC

As one of the greatest spinoffs in modern TV, Better Call Saul proves that AMC needs to keep tapping into this universe (instead of other franchises) for more shows.

Did That Better Call Saul Death Really Happen? Here’s What The Showrunner Says

Last night's finale of Better Call Saul featured what looked like a major character death, but is it legit?

One Huge Lesson Better Call Saul Learned From Breaking Bad

As Better Call Saul is heading to the end of Season 3, co-creator Peter Gould shared a big lesson that this show took from Breaking Bad.

The Real Difference Between Saul Goodman And Jimmy McGill, According To Bob Odenkirk

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk pinpoints the major difference between Jimmy McGill and Breaking Bad's Saul Goodman.

More Breaking Bad Is Coming From Vince Gilligan, But Not How We Expected

Vince Gilligan is currently gearing up to take audiences back into the world of Walter White. This is what we know about the upcoming Breaking Bad project.

Bryan Cranston's Epic Idea For A Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

Breaking Bad may have ended years ago, but fans are still obsessed. And here's Bryan Cranston's idea for how the show could have alternately ended.

The Big Way Better Call Saul Is Killing It In Season 3

The Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul, is doing many things quite brilliantly in Season 3, but here's something you might not have expected.

5 Breaking Bad Questions We Never Want Better Call Saul To Answer

Better Call Saul has answered a number of vital Breaking Bad questions, but these mysteries should remain unexplained.

Breaking Bad Star Bryan Cranston Apparently Doesn't Know Breaking Bad Too Well

Walter White may be the danger, but he's certainly no trivia master.

How Much Gus Fring We'll See On Better Call Saul

Better Call Saul finally brought one of Breaking Bad's best characters into the fold through the introduction of Gus Fring. How much of him will we be seeing, though?

What's Up With Better Call Saul's Flash-Forwards, According To Vince Gilligan

Last night's Better Call Saul premiere featured another interesting flash-forward, and it turns out there might be more to that story than we think.

10 Breaking Bad Characters Better Call Saul Season 3 Needs To Bring Back

As Better Call Saul inches closer to Breaking Bad's continuity, these are the characters that we want to see return to the fold.

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