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Defiance Concept Art Shows Us Some Of The Sets From Syfy's New Series

Created by Farscape's Rockne S. O'Bannon, Defiance is set on earth after a universal war, and follows the human and alien characters living together in Defiance, a town that was once the city of St. Louis. We got a look at the series from the recently released trailer, and now there's some concept art, which gives us a look at some of the sets for the drama.

New Defiance Trailer Shows Us Weapons, Violence, Aliens And Drama

Set to premiere on Syfy next year is Defiance, an new (actually) sci-fi drama, which will be released along with Trion World's MMO video game that's connected to the series. Syfy released a new trailer for the series, which focuses entirely on the new TV show and gives us a look at the violence, drama and aliens that await!

Defiance Trailer Gives Us A Look At Syfy And Trion's Series And Video Game

Next Spring, Syfy and Trion will bring Defiance to our televisions and video gaming consoles. While there are still months to wait for the science fiction story to make its debut in TV and game form, Syfy has offered us a glimpse of the game and TV show with a new trailer. Check it out ahead.

Watch The Full Defiance Comic Con Panel Video: Syfy's Upcoming Series And Video Game

As we mentioned when we ran our recent feature on Syfy's upcoming sci-fi drama and video game Defiance, the approaching series had a pretty big presence at Comic Con in San Diego this year. In addition to ads all over the place (including the side of the Marriott and at the airport), the series and game were featured in a panel. For those of you who couldn't be there to see the cast, which includes Grant Bowler and Julie Benz, Syfy put the full panel on their site, and you can check it out here.

Syfy's Defiance Invades Comic-Con: The Cast Tells Us What It's All About

If you were at Comic Con last week, or even just the San Diego airport, it's very likely that you saw some of Syfy's advertising for their upcoming series and video game Defiance. In addition to a giant ad on the side of the Marriott, there was a diner near the Convention center covered in Defiance advertising, including on and in the menu, on the tables, on the soda fountain behind the counter, on the napkins. Everywhere you looked, there was Defiance.

SDCC 2012: 5 Smaller TV Panels With Huge Potential

We're one week away from Preview Night! It's crunch time and as I was perusing the schedule, mapping out my own SDCC battle plan, I came across a few panels I thought TV fans might consider making time for. These are the ones that might not be on your radar yet, either because they're scheduled in one of the smaller rooms, or because they feature shows that aren't airing yet (excluding major network series due out this fall).

Defiance Preview: A Look At The Making Of Syfy's New Series And Video Game

Among the TV projects I'm most anticipating is Syfy's Defiance an actual sci-fi drama series that's also being set up as a video game. The story is set in the near future on a transformed earth where aliens and humans are living together. Syfy and Trion Worlds released a video that shows us some art from the upcoming series and video game, and gives us some insight into how the two will blend together.

Battlestar Galactica Composer Bear McCreary To Serve As Music Supervisor For Syfy's Defiance

I've been trying to avoid the words "the next Battlestar Galactica" when discussing Syfy's upcoming series Defiance. I don't want to set those kinds of expectations on the project, and the realist in me is tentative about piling all of my hopes on the drama. With that said, I doubt I'm alone in waiting for Syfy to deliver a new original drama series that is both outstanding and firmly in the realm of science fiction, much in the way BSG was. Written by Rockne O'Bannon, Kevin Murphy and Michael Taylor, Defiance could be both of those things.

Syfy Sets Defiance For 2013, In-Development List Includes Adjustment Bureau Series, Time Travel Drama

Syfy is busy working on a plethora of original content. Based on the list of upcoming and in-development series, it looks like viewers of the cable network will have more ghost-focused reality series, and Syfy also appears to be joining the growing trend of collection-themed reality shows. But more interestingly, and more on the subject of actual science fiction, Syfy aims to get the scripted drama Defiance on the air in 2013. There are also some promising sounding dramas in the works.

Mia Kershner and Fionnula Flanagan Join SyFy's Defiance

Two more have been added to the cast of SyFy’s Defiance; this time it’s The Vampire Diaries and The L word alum Mia Kershner and Lost’s Fionnula Flanagan. The two have come on board a project that already boasts a couple of Dexter love interests in the cast; two women who were his love interests at the same time as a matter of fact.

Julie Benz And Jaime Murray Join Syfy's Defiance

The cast of Syfy’s upcoming series Defiance just got a bit more beautiful, and a bit more familiar looking, if you’ve seen the second season of Dexter, or any other show in which Jaime Murray and/or Julie Benz has appeared. Word is, the two real-life friends are set to play roles in Syfy’s futuristic series.

True Blood's Grant Bowler Will Star in Syfy's Defiance

Defiance is coming from Farscape creator Rockne S. O’Bannon, and will focus on a land torn up by decades and decades of war. Though the landscape will be very rough and tumble, the live action drama should also touch on some more optimistic themes. Amidst the backdrop of the violence, for example, Nolan will set a strong-minded example. We’ll see how the series turns out when it actually gets a release date on the network, but so far it seems like a pretty strong science fiction concept – something Syfy desperately needs.

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