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The Fun American Horror Story Callback That Got Cut Out Of AHS: Cult's Finale

It turns out that a reference to AHS: Hotel was cut from last night's finale.

The First Trailer For The Assassination Of Gianni Versace Is Dark And Thrilling

Details have been kept fairly under wraps, but we've finally got an official trailer for the new season of American Crime Story.

How American Horror Story: Cult's Finale Brought Its Rage-Filled Story To An End

American Horror Story: Cult came to a close in some pretty logical ways. At least for this universe.

FX Is Cutting All Ties With Louis C.K. Following Sexual Misconduct

Louis C.K. was recently accused of and admitted sexual misconduct. Now, FX has cut all ties with the man who was once one of the biggest names of the network.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Dropped Two Big Shocks Leading Into The Season Finale

With only one more episode to go, American Horror Story: Cult has dropped a couple more shocks on us.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Dropped Another Big Death And A Weird Twist

With just a few episodes left, American Horror Story just lowered the body count.

Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany Just Landed Her Next Big TV Role

With Orphan Black now completed, we can look forward to seeing star Tatiana Maslany in a brand new show!

First Look At American Horror Story: Cult's Even Peters As Charles Manson

Ryan Murphy has teased what Evan Peters will look like as infamous serial killer and cult leader Charles Manson. Check it out.

Better Things Renewed For Season 3 At FX

We have some very good news for fans of Pamela Adlon's work on FX. Better Things has officially scored a renewal.

Sons Of Anarchy's Mayans Spinoff Just Added A Former Law And Order: SVU Star As A Lead

Sons of Anarchy's spinoff Mayans MC just landed another new star from the world of Law & Order: SVU.

Sons Of Anarchy's Mayans Spinoff Has Recast Its Club President

The Sons of Anarchy spinoff is reshooting its pilot and has cast the first series regular of the project.

What American Horror Story: Cult Edited Out Of Latest Episode Due To Las Vegas Shooting

Tragedies in real life occasionally influence what TV shows will air, and American Horror Story made the decision to edit a mass shooting scene in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting. Here's how the episode changed.

American Horror Story’s Next Episode Will Be Edited Following Las Vegas Shooting

The recent tragedy in Las Vegas has caused shockwaves through the nation. Now, the event is causing one popular television show to rethink a major scene in an upcoming episode.

See The First Look At Evan Peters As Andy Warhol On American Horror Story

While Evan Peters' Kai is already terrifying, we now have our first look at his version of Andy Warhol.

American Horror Story's Next Episode Reportedly Has A Mass Shooting

Episode 6 will reportedly feature a mass shooting incident, and it's unclear if FX will still air the episode on time.

What’s Next For Kai In American Horror Story: Cult, According To Evan Peters

The first few episodes have seen Kai rise to power both politically and interpersonally, but Evan Peters teases this is just the beginning.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Revealed A Bizarre Family Connection That Could Change Everything

The latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult thickened the plot considerably with the reveal of a bizarre connection that will likely shape the rest of the season.

American Horror Story: Cult Just Gave Us A Gruesome Death We Can All Cheer About
One Way American Horror Story: Cult Is Winning In The Ratings

While American Horror Story: Cult may not be winning over people scared of clowns, it's winning in one big way.

Did American Horror Story: Cult Just Kill A Main Character And Reveal A Secret Villain?

American Horror Story: Cult may have already put a main character down, while seemingly revealing another character's villainous nature.

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