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South Park Dropped An Uncensored C-Bomb In Season Finale

South Park can't stop, won't stop testing censors' patience.

9 Best Adult Animation Christmas Specials On Streaming

There are a bunch of holiday specials on streaming that folks should be sure to watch.

South Park Trolled The Simpsons Over The Apu Controversy

South Park takes all victims equally, and The Simpsons found itself a big target once again.

South Park Creators Called 'Cowards' By The Catholic League After Molestation Episode

A recent episode of South Park has the Catholic League upset.

The 5 Most Offensive TV Shows Of All Time, According To A Study

A survey has been conducted and revealed what audiences view as the top five most offensive shows of all time.

Is South Park Actually Trying To Get Itself Cancelled?

South Park's new marketing campaign is super confusing.

Hulu's Most-Watched TV Show In 2017 Is Not At All What We Expected

Hulu has a ton of great TV shows in its library, but which show was watched the most in 2017?

South Park's Season Premiere Got Fans Riled Up, But Not How Anybody Expected

South Park returned to Comedy Central for Season 21 with a full episode of its trademark irreverent humor. That said, fans were riled up by a very unexpected aspect of the premiere.

South Park Is Getting A Totally Epic Marathon Since The Simpsons Did It First

South Park is gearing up for a super marathon that, as is tradition, The Simpsons did first.

How South Park Will Change Up In Season 21, According To Trey Parker

South Park co-creator Trey Parker is going on the record and saying Season 21 will be different than last season.

How The Creators Of South Park Feel About Using Donald Trump For Comedy

Matt Stone and Trey Parker took a lot of shots at President Trump on South Park. Here's how the two feel about it after a season of parody.

Watch The Simpsons Visit South Park In Great New Couch Gag

The Simpsons are going to South Park for an upcoming couch gag! Or something like like that, anyway.

Why It's Hard For South Park To Make Political Jokes Right Now, According To The Creators

One of the reasons the show went a specific route in Season 20 is because it has been hard to make political jokes on the series. Series co-creator Trey Parker recently explained why Season 20 was so difficult to churn out.

The Top 10 Shows Of 2016, According To Jessica

This season there were plenty of favorites---some old standbys that have gotten better as they've aged, and some newer shows. So without further ado, here are the Top 10 picks for 2016.

South Park Recently Hit An F-Bomb Milestone, Get The Details

Shows that exist on TV for a long time often fall into a rhythm as they get older. But occasionally milestones still happen on long-running shows, and one recently occurred on Comedy Central's long-running series South Park.

How South Park Handled Donald Trump Winning The Presidential Election

There is no bigger headline in the United States right now than Donald Trump's election victory, so it was a no-brainer that South Park would have sharp barbs to pepper viewers with. Here's how it went down.

How South Park Is Pissing People Off With Its Season 20 Ad Campaign

South Park has been pissing people off for the past two decades, and its Season 20 marketing campaign has been true to form. Here's what happened.

What Really Happened With South Park And Isaac Hayes, According To His Son

Back in 2006, Isaac Hayes, who played Chef on the long-running comedy series, issued a lengthy statement disapproving of the series and quitting South Park in one fell swoop. Now, 10 years later, Hayes' son Isaac Hayes III has finally explained exactly what happened when "Chef" left the series.

How South Park Will Handle Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton In Season 20

One wouldn't be considered foolish for thinking South Park's 20th season will continue to use the upcoming election as fodder for some effectively piercing political satire. Here's what the creators say about how they'll tackle the candidates.

The 7 Worst Teachers In The History Of TV

Check out our list of the seven worst teachers in the history of television to get yourself ready for the new school year.

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